Wednesday, January 06, 2010

january sixth

Maddie-mine began her day with a bit of music and dancing
while waiting for her baked apple to be ready.

Baked apples (sliced thin and baked with butter and brown sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon) make a fine breakfast on a cold winter's morn, let me just say.

There was more music, and--

"Wait a minute, Mom. I need to make a present."
"Mom.... where are those writing things??? Oh! Here they are."

"Can you get this ready for me?"

She wanted some practice, so I got out something for her to practice with.

And then something else. :)

She went on a Photo Exploration

and then back and forth (between projects),
and back and forth.

Let's see....

there's been

cookie dough

hot chocolate

and Mario brothers on the computer (only for a minute - ???)

JumpStart (third grade)

and legos

Cavemen and Cookie Corners (Madeleine)
I don't know. Something to do with cavemen and slides and doctors and mountain climbing up ropes at "cookie corners".

nintendo ds.
(Curiously, the first appearance in a few days.)

Back to JumpStart.
Notice that he left the ds to play JumpStart. Ha! ; )

Harmonica and piano playin'
(mostly Jinglebells)

To Out!

Where we rallied.

And raced.

And had snow ball fights.

And lots of rounds of Red Light, Green Light.

And a few rounds of Mother, May I?

And snow angels.

And hide-and-go-seek!
And the children begged to know my hiding spot, but I did not tell! (I made it back to the base safely before they found me! heh heh heh.)

And a few more spins with little GTO,

and we were for home for warm baths and warm dinner and warm snuggles.

And.... dinosaur skeletons disguised as Pink Frosting.....

We're good.
And life is so good.

And we'll prob'ly see you tomorrow.


  1. Can I come to your house for my next holiday?

  2. Your days sound divine - minus the snow. (:

  3. Oh my gosh, those pink cheeks! LOVE that photo of Madeleine!

    Life sure is good!


  4. Oh, I would love to have snow to play in! You seem to have lovely warm summers too - the best of all seasons. :)

  5. What Maddie had for breakfast sounds completely perfect for a cold winter morning and like something that we would love. How long do you bake the apples for and at what temp? Enjoy the many adventures that today brings!

  6. Baked apples sound delicious for breakfast - I settled for some apple cinnamon jelly on toast this morning.

    Maddie's sweet face is well..... adorable and sweet!

    Have fun!!!

  7. I love the jar of red hots. I just love candies in jars. Maybe its the memories of penny candy stores...opps...I am letting my age show!

  8. Shel - if they're sliced (like you would for a pie), then they'll take about 15-17 minutes or so on 360-365.
    If you scoop out the core, and fill it with butter and brown sugar, then quite a bit longer - maybe 350 for half an hour?
    The first time I made it for Maddie, it was a surprise, and now she'll say "Can I have a baked apple? And make it a surprise!!" :)

  9. Baked apples sound so yummy! Love the snow play pics. :) Is that a *new* organ I see? It is pretty... but I still love the old one best. <3

    Have a happy day!

  10. Melody -
    No, it isn't new. It's been a beloved toy for three years, I think. It was out of commission for a while, though, as it got left in the rain. :0

  11. Thanks, Stephanie! Baked apples will be our breakfast tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

  12. oooo, red hot love!

    and those boots (UGG are they?) are fabulous!!


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