Saturday, January 16, 2010

january sixteen

Sid the Science Kid.

Rhyming words. Madeleine pretty much has it mastered.

Painting a tiny fairy tea set.

George games.

Back to finishing up the Tea set.

"Mom - is the five hundred dollar bill still made? What's the largest bill?"
We found out the $100,000 bill is the largest made - but it's not for public use. It is used only by Federal Reserve Banks between branches.
We had an interesting conversation about making money -as in making counterfeit money- and about how it will get you time in The Big House :) and how even though it would be the downfall of the economy -maybe- I'm (personally) not so certain if it would be a horrid idea if we all worked on a trade/barter system and did away with money (or made our own currency)....

"Mom... have you heard of a state called Wisconsin?"

We checked out US Mints...
"So there's one in California, New York, Colorado, Philadelphia...." read aloud his Mama...
"Philadelphia! That's where Benjamin Franklin was." said Little Son. No, I didn't know.

"Mom... when is hog-branding time?"
I couldn't find relative information... if you know the answer to this, please let us know! :)


Kid K'nex

Taxes... AGAIN.
Oh, yes. I did them twice today, thankyouverymuch. grr.
Because I accidently ordered the premiere version when I only needed the deluxe version and I refused to pay the extra twenty bucks when I didn't need it and stupid program wouldn't let me downgrade... had to make up a new user name and then couldn't download my past year's into it.... hmmph! I want the last two hours of my life back....

When I was finally back with the living....
"Hey Mom.... do you know any pet stores in Seattle that sell ostriches?"
It's just been that kind of day, today, I guess.

I Carly.

More Kid K'nex.
Love them!

More Pixos. Or whatever they're called.

What else???

Who knows! It's early yet....


  1. Very full day! Argh, on the taxes! We went through a huge K'nex phase here too. :)

  2. I have never heard of hog-branding time. Hogs don't take to being branded very well - their skin is incredibly sensitive (if you hose down a hot pig with cold water, you can kill it) and the stress of it would likely kill them.

    Is it possible that he's talking about the time of year that hogs are harvested? That's always the last part of fall, right before it freezes. You do the harvesting on a cool, crisp day so that you'll have time to work with the meat and organs without them going bad.

    And taxes ... ugh.

  3. I don't want to even think about taxes. As for Hog branding I have a friend who grew up on a hog farm I'll ask him.

  4. My husband has been saying for years that we need to go back to the barter system! I think you and he may be onto something. :)

  5. Ahem! Wisconsin is definitely a state! LOL!

  6. At least, Old Yeller?...which I read as a child, but I think that's the one, the hogs are allowed to run wild and forage for themselves before they're caught in the fall, and families marked their own by notching their ears. Each family had its own way of cutting the hog's ear to claim it. Actually, I think it was Old Yeller, because I remember the scene in which the kid had to notch a litter of wild piglets, and he climbed a tree and lassoed them.

  7. My 5yr old loves Sid the Science Kid.
    She has also recently become interested in iCarly.
    Both of my girls are also fond of the George games.

    Loving the tea set that Maddie painted. Very colorful.

  8. The polkadot fairy tea saucer makes me smile :o)


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