Tuesday, January 19, 2010

january nineteen

it's been one of those days today.
that super delicious sort-
the kind where I can't tell you how the hours were spent,
only that it was done with love.Align Center
the children have been totally in love with each other
and I am totally in love with them.

if the earth were warm
i would be lying upon it
with my back to the grass
arms stretched wide
-to better embrace the world-
looking up at the sky
through the treetops

just living
and breathing
and saying
Thank You.

instead i melt into the down of this couch
feet tucked into
my husband's warm socks
a cup of hot tea with honey
resting at my feet

saying, here,
Thank You.

so all is well.
we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Very delicious!
    And cosey!
    and lovely!

  2. Now THAT is one fine day!

  3. Love this post and love that is shares the love and coziness of your day with all of us!

  4. we'd make great neighbors. ;)

  5. Lovely, you are so fortunate. So much lve.

  6. So so beautiful....ahh life.

  7. lovely, lovely, lovely :)

    It reads like a poem, this post, just wonderful.

  8. poetry from the heart of a beautiful mama..thank-you for sharing xo


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