Tuesday, January 05, 2010

january four

Mama's day started with a free smile.

Don't you just love those?

Maddie and I had collected a few things the day before on our nature walk, and this morning we got out some others to see what we could come up with. It turns out that we made Winter's Flowers. I think we'll be having much more fun with those!

There were portraits.
Madeleine gave me this one first.... it was a picture of Mama, Maddie, and Daddy. In the middle over Madeleine is her umbrella.

It was later modified to include Trev. Trev is green, of course.

And of course while she's at it, she must draw one of her and Soleil holding hands (Soleil is on the left, and that's Maddie's dollhouse between them)....

And then her Kyan. He's orange - his favorite.

We had Plans for when Daddy got home from skiing.
First! Back to the neighborhood park for a bit of run and play and investigating - and some gathering for Mama.

The first Mondays of the month are free days at the Utah Museum of Natural History, and since it's one of our favorite places, and we haven't been in a couple of months.....

A few interesting things, here:
We read earlier in the day about the curator for the UMNH- a (seemingly) young Paleontologist who has recently discovered a new carniverous dinosaur - so this was new to us, seeing a few bones from it. Evidently so detailed that they have made new discoveries about movement.
Also interesting was Trev playing with dinosaurs in the Paleontology Hall, and then when we were on our way out, he asked his Daddy where Mongolia was on the world map, and lay across it to place his dinosaurs that we had picked up in the shop. :) More smiles.

And then we were for supper,
and to our Big City Library. Just a quick trip (most unsatisfying), as it was almost closing time.

I'm thinking maybe we'll be going back today....

We're good.
Life's good.
It's all good. :)


  1. I like Maddie's portraits very much.... especially the carefully chosen favorite colors :0)

  2. Nice finds on your walk! Everything here is still so snow covered. We need snowshoes. :)

  3. "a free smile"--I do love those. :)

  4. Ooooh! Another free day to mark on the calendar. :) Hogle Zoo is already there.

    Looks like a great, great day!

  5. I love natural history museums. That one looks like a great place to explore!
    I'm now at manyblessings.typepad.com

  6. I love free smiles. I soak them up right now since I won't have nearly as many in the distant future without my children around.

  7. I love the winter's flowers. We'll have to keep our eye out for even more treasures and see if we're inspired to make flowers as well!

  8. Hi Stephanie, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all the beautiful pictures you post from each of your days! Thank you for sharing with us these little glimpses into your life. I always feel such a sense of peace and serenity when reading your blog. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  9. oh! maddie"s drawings are beautiful! i love love family pictures... (i keep everyone of them!) love how she placed herself in the middle of her world! happiest new year stephanie!

  10. Shel - thank you so much for the sweet comment.
    I'm thrilled that you enjoy our stories. :)

    Much love and appreciation, Stephanie


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