Tuesday, January 05, 2010

january five

I began my day (pre babies waking, of course) with downloading Laura Ingalls Wilder's story The Long Winter. Since we plan to venture out a bit today, I thought it would be nice to listen to it in the car while we were gallivanting about.
I really like this story. It's a pleasant radio story, made in 1950, I believe. If you'd like a copy of it, let me know and I'll email you the mp3.

Friend Denise (Mom in Madison) reminded me about the gumdrops I bought a few weeks ago for geo shape building, so I got those and the sticks out... just in case someone might happen by and want to play.
They took, of course.

After shapes
and breakfast

and Diego (library video)

there were a whole collection of windmills built.

Maddie wanted to play Blokus.
So we did.

Maddie and I got out the wooden shapes, and set to playing.
The first part of our play was a challenge.

A square! A diamond! The Sun! A hat! Back and forth we went, each of us taking a turn in saying what we would both individually build. I was happy to see that Madd didn't create the same way I did, nor was she concerned that we did it two different ways.
Most excellent.

After several rounds of play, she wanted the cards, so I fetched them from downstairs.

Trev set to building ships for his star wars men.
With play and narration and navigation and battles, of course.


Time for us to get ready to spend the rest of the day Away.....

First stop....
the pool!
When I had our stuff rounded up and made it to the truck, I found Trevelyn reading a book to Maddie. He continued on and read the whole thing to Madd during the drive. :) Gotta love that.

Maddie is learning to kick and doggy paddle... taking the initiative to jump off the side and swim back - unattended (but with her life vest).
Trev does pretty well - and is self taught - and today was asking about actual swim lessons. So we'll check into that.

When we left the pool, we had just enough time to listen to The Long Winter while driving to our Big City Library.

Have I ever mentioned that I love our library?

little shops and cafes - one from which we got dinner.

We're home - with Daddy, who met us here, downtown.

There are some Lincoln and Franklin and DaVinci videos awaiting us....
and that will no doubt carry us through the night.

We're happy.
And we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Never been to your library but I love it too! Oh, how I wish we had a nice, big library around here. Our town library is shared with the high school. Humph.

  2. Another lovely day. Your library is gorgeous. Our library is the shape of a pyramid.

    I think I may try and find The Long Winter. Sounds like something we would enjoy. And goodness knows, our winter here already feels very long. lol

    Sweet dreams.

  3. Jane - Oh-- how annoying. :)

    Sara - sounds cool! I'll be glad to send the mp3 to you.

  4. Gumdrop and toothpick inspiration is just what I needed to day, thanks. :)

  5. That library makes me happy in ways buildings should not make me happy. It has a *cafe*? Good gawd. I want to go to there. (Do you watch 30 Rock?)

  6. Shapes with gum drops and toothpicks are fantastic! What a beautiful library. :)

  7. love the gumdrops and toothpicks idea. looks like great fun! thank you.

  8. My first kid went for swimming lessons, what was I thinking!!! They all teach themselves now and then I send them for a week of "stroke" lessons when they are older... And I am so jealous of your library. I hate ours - nothing wrong with the books, but man is it the grumoiest place on earth... where adults can make every single body noise full blast and have continuous conversations but if your baby should belch - it is frowned upon SEVERELY... needless to say I try and go without the kids nearly never... I vow to make the effort but as soon as the father person gets home we do supper and bed and the next day comes along... Have a great cold day, we are sweltering!!!

  9. Sarah - no.
    Only thing I watch is seconds of I, Carly and Dora shows, and dinosaur and planetary documentaries. Oh - and at night (or in the middle of the night if I wake up, like now, I watch (online) Sherlock Holmes from the thirties. :)
    The last television I watched was the Inauguration. And before that was the election!

  10. I have library lust.

    i'd love to have the MP3 for these long wintry days...thank you! we were just thinking of trying to make some maple syrup snow candy with our scant 2 inches of snow!!

  11. Your library looks fantastic. I wish we had a super big one like that to visit. What a treat. I could get lost in there for days. We just got Blokus for Christmas, enjoying it very much. If I haven't mentioned before really enjoy your blog.

  12. Diane - It's always nice to meet new people!
    The library is a treat - when it was first built I hated it. It was soooo modern and techno and glass and steel and shiny - so different from our 1950s/60's plain brown thing. :)
    Now I think it's the greatest!

  13. where can one find the wooden shapes with cards of what to create! it looks like a great way to play with my little ones! and your library is beautiful..

  14. Tera- Discount School Supply.
    I got the cards here,
    and the blocks here.
    We love them! We use them for so many different things!

  15. Your past few posts have been so awesome. I adore your library it really is quite stunning a so perfect for all the wonderfulness it houses. That splash park pool looks quite good. we have one nearby that I really should visit.
    Funny about the swim lessons, I asked my kids if they wanted to sign up, and they did. They had their first lesson yesterday with a bunch of other Hs'ers. They all really liked it! Have fun!

  16. Your library is amazing! Ours is a really old building, that has virtually no parking and is pretty much a miserable place. The librarians in the children's room never seem to be a in a good mood and they are the least helpful people ever. As a result the girls and I rarely go. It's very sad really. Hopefully someday we'll live in a town with a fabulous library....

    I would love an mp3 of the Little House story you downloaded! It would be nice to have something to listen to in the car!

  17. Oh, check out your library! We have a lovely new one, but very small in comparison lol. At least they are willing to order in most books that I request providing they are new publications and can get most others through interloan at a cost.


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