Monday, January 18, 2010

january eighteen

We began our day with reading.

There was a story about a boy whose emotions turn him into a dragon - for a few minutes.
There was a story about Lemonade for Sale - we'll call that Research.
There was Teedie - The Story of Young Teddy Roosevelt.
And then there was Math Riddles - to which (title) Trevelyn mildly objected, and then enjoyed.
This was a great thinking book - riddles like
Why is it dangerous to do math in the jungle?
If you add 4 and 4, you get 8 (ate)."


Which weighs more-- a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?
They weigh the same."

Fun, no-stress, thinking riddles.

It's been a while since we've floated or mixed anything, so...
In our email from Home Science Tools from the other day they suggested playing with density and talking about molecules, and we had all the stuff. So, you know... we did.

This one was actually really fun, because the different masses floated at different levels of the water/oil/corn syrup liquid. It was fun to guess what would happen...

Maddie wanted to paint.
Interesting that there was a new step today - first of all, she went for a landscape, and secondly, she painted blue sky around the sun's rays. Two things that she came up with on her own.

While Trevelyn kept track of the hours, minutes, and seconds until the I, Carly special tonight.

"Wanna play Othello?"
"Mmm, no. That takes forever. How 'bout Checkers? With candy?"
"Well, I don't know how we'd play Checkers with candy, but no... Upwords?"
"Math Bingo?"
"Mmmm... what kind of candy do you have?"
"I don't know.... uuummm..." .... looking.... "Skittles (his favorite)... and Mentos (another favorite)."
"Alright!!!" He'd hit the motherlode. "How 'bout Upwords with candy as points?"
"Uuuuh... okay. One Skittle for a 4-letter word, two Skittles for a 5-letter word..."
"Three Skittles for a 6-letter word, four skittles for a 7-letter word...."
"Exactly. And then Math Bingo?"
"Yeah, with the other candies. The Mentos."
"Alright. For two games. If you win two Bingo games, you get my candies."
"Addition or subtraction?"
So that's how it worked today.

Maddie had a bath while we played....
Everyone's happy.

Wait... when does Carly come on? Can't miss that... Two-and-a-half hours....

We read Theodore... (we're big fans of Teddy's...)

Daddy's home!
And it's warm - well, above freezing -
to the park!
For some runnin'
(Annabelle included)
and chasin'
and walky-talky-in'
and adventurin'
and swingin'
and laughin'
and glee
and to the store
-which included lots of walky-talky talk and communicado - super fun!-
note to self: start taking the walky-talkies everywhere! Much more fun that way when Little Son inevitably wanders off!

and eventually home

and to I, Carly, (we missed the first ten minutes, but it was alright)



and I dunno what else.

A Book, for me, methinks.

All is well.
See you tomorrow.


  1. I love the painting! :)

    The math riddle book sounds fun.

  2. good grief, charlie brown, i'm exhausted just reading your posts!!

  3. Owen enjoyed Math Riddles and any game with some candy involved is a winner with us!

  4. I love the fact that you guys venture outside even when it is cold. I hate the cold so much, I am a hermit in the winter. The boys miss romping outside I should make myself...


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