Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3: aaand....... Action!

Funny that I woke up today ready to go.
Well -- engage, anyway.
That's what two days of peace and quiet will do for you, I guess.

Or it could have been the actual sunshine.

There was lots of play with ScribbleNauts today.
I wanted to get on there this morning (before the babes awoke) and get into the game to see what I thought of it. I bought it hoping that it would be fun, as well as engaging and good mental exercise. I supposed from the website that playing used a lot of problem-solving skills, and thinking and ingenuity. I have to say that I'm not disappointed!

We finally read through our library book, Extremely Weird Micro-Monsters.
A very interesting book!
We read about red and white blood cells, as well as lice and dustmites and tapeworms, bacteria, viruses, Penicillium, protozoans, weevils, Copepods... all kinds of interesting, tiny creatures. Trev likes tapeworms. ???!

Computer play.

Tag outside with Daddy.


Chimpunk-ette videos. ???!

A trip to the neighborhood park...

...Aah, That's better.

Experiments and magic tricks with balloons. (Madeleine)

Loads of reading practice.
Dinner and Blokus.
First with Madd and I, then all three of us.

And now Trevy and I have a date for a movie and a snuggle.

All is well here -
I'm sure we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. What an awesome day!

    I think we'll try for something like that tomorrow, only involving a Wii and mom crashing into everything while her daughters have no trouble at all driving that crazy auto.

    fun times :)

  2. ooo i adore the photo above "...Aah, That's better." beautiful tones and sunlit branches!
    How we also love our wii :D

  3. beutiful photos, I'm still waiting for my energy day.

  4. I also meant to say that I really like the photo of the stream, and I love the ones of your sweet daughter on the swing and your son feeding the ducks.

  5. Beautiful photos - such a full day.
    Warm wishes.

  6. You are so good for getting out with your kids to the park. I'm such a pansy and hate the cold! I think I need to change my mindset, because the things you've captured on film are just what I need to warm my soul.

  7. oh, it looks sooo cold! Love the rainbow! We have been TRYING to get one out of our prisms and here you get one for free! : )

  8. I agree with melody-I need to get out in the 3feet of snow we got over the weekend. I tend to hibernate in the winter. Not good when you live in vt!

  9. I totally hybernate... but there's only so much running and hollerin' we can do inside these walls!

    Not to mention the benefits of touching the earth and swinging and climbing trees...


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