Wednesday, January 20, 2010

jan two-o

We played Sprouts.

And made slime, with variables.
Lots of variables.

We've played with slime often, but today we were taking it further (in steps) all the way to a silly putty ball. A
Super Duper Bouncy Ball, actually. This was actually great fun today - so fun to squish it and make it into a blob, and then splat it against the table - things (strings) fly out and smack, it jiggles... it looks like a gelatinous alien.... :)

Lung experiment.
This one comes from our Magic School Bus A Journey Into the Human Body kit. I was reminded of this kit today because of an upcoming give-away on olm (too.). (They're both made by Young Scientist Club.) I can't wait! :)

'Course, my babes expanded and learned a couple of things that were quite different from the book's lesson...

We primed some petries.

"Mom, is there such a thing as a bottomless pit?"
"Uh... I would say no, unless you're talking about something like a black hole..."
"No, that's in space. I don't mean in space. I mean here on Earth..."

And there was computer play
and television
and then Out!

-with Annabelle.

Dog-training 102: It seems that Annabelle can be bought, after all, (she doesna listen very well-ly) and that one can sufficiently distract her from eagerly greeting passers-by as long as there are Walnuts to be found...
Good to know...

I don't know why, exactly, but truthfully, friends, I am utterly exhausted and there's nothing I want more than a curl with a book.
So I'm bowing out with a half-grunting "Goodnight, Sirrah!"

see you tomorrow.


  1. Have I ever told you that I LOVE your doggie?
    We had a St. Bernard when Drue and Declan were babes. I miss him :-)

    Looks like another fun day!

  2. We love the Young Scientist Club here!

    In fact, we just did that lung experiment a couple of weeks ago. That's a fun kit.

    :) Hope you have (another) great day!

  3. Some more big fans of Annabelle. She is so huggable.

  4. walnuts! That I will have to try, Daisy has this super wide range of how far away she'll allow passerby's to get..I'm usually like..good grief Daisy they're practically in a different zipcode.


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