Saturday, January 23, 2010

Felt Hearts

Last year we left Love Notes to eachother around the house that we made from paper hearts.

For about a month, now I’ve been planning on using heart shapes for making stuffed valentines for my little Valentines. I had the idea a while back that they would be adorable as felted toys… and they surely are that.

So today we got started!

A bird for my little Madeleine.

I cut out the hearts, and grabbed a pipe cleaner and large googly eyes, and set to work.

Since the bird’s body was arranged such that it could be easily sewn with a blanket stitch, that is what I opted for hers.

The other parts were (hot) glued.

I made a heart button by cutting out a bit of stiff cardboard, and then gluing felt onto either side of it.

I left a space at the tail for a button closure.


For Trev I opted for a frog.

I chose to hot glue his together.

I cut out the shapes and arranged them until they pleased me,

then glued a couple of parts on at a time.

I left a small space at the top of the head (at the back) for stuffing the candies into, with no closure – I just folded over the other point of the heart and glued it.

The top was then left open for candy – stuffing as well as retrieving!

Maddie wanted in on the play, and I was glad to have her.

I just cut her out two large hearts for the body, and then let her take the lead.

For the legs for hers, we just glued felt over pipe cleaners.

She opted for sewing!

Soooo cute.

I absolutely loved this project, and look forward to making more Valentines for loved ones!

Cousin Megan’s


For ideas for animal patterns with hearts, see here.

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