Friday, January 15, 2010

Candy Dish

A little while back I ordered some clay for sculpting.

While I would love to make something and fire it with the babes, I wanted something that we could create ourselves at home without a kiln, so I ordered some natural air-dry clay.

The pioneers and Colonials made cups and bowls by rolling out long strings or “worms”, as children so often call them, of clay, and then winding them into the shape they wanted.

So that’s where we started.

As we went along, we tried to smoothe out the coil of wound clay with our wet fingers.



Maddie’s bowl naturally (by itself) went from a circle into a sort of heart shape, so we took that as a sign and went with it.

We let them dry for a few days.

Today they were done!

Maddie wanted to paint hers, so I mixed up a pretty pink with acrylics.

When it was dry, we had just the thing to place in her bowl!

Of course these bowls are not waterproof, and any wet food will ruin the bowl, but I’d say it is just right for a tea party or for special candies!

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