Monday, January 25, 2010

Balancing Nails

Once in a while we get jiggy wid it and have a Family Talent Show.

It’s always a super-fun (and extremely humorous) few hours. Yes — a few hours.

Yesterday I did my homework so’s I could properly Wow my family (it is expected, as I am The Great One. Never mind if they don’t say that - I say it), and this is one that I came up with – it comes from Steve Spangler.

The object is to balance 11 nails onto the head of one nail or screw. :) Using “the center of gravity”.

I got out the biggest nails I had -except that I only had a couple of those, so I used giant screws, also. Nails with flat heads would probably work best, but it worked with these tapered ends, so there you go.

Go for effect and have Audience Participation– let them try to balance the screws on the head of the other.

When the time comes, here’s how you do it:

Lay a nail down (this bottom one needs to be a nail)

and then lay nine nails on top of it, alternating them, like this.

Cover the tops of the screws with another nail (this one needs to be a nail, also),

lift and shimmy the stabilizing nails, locking all of them into position.

Lift up the two nails (by the bottom nail)

and lay the center of the bottom nail on top of the head of the last nail or screw!


Very cool.

[Takes her bow, pats her hair primly, and exits the stage.]

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