Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Science Fair

Experiments for All Ages

Ordinary Life Magic [Center of Gravity] Balancing Nails Puzzle

Ordinary Life Magic["Hot Air Rises" and "Convection Currents"] Tea Bag Rocket

Ordinary Life Magic [Newton's First Law of Motion] Egg Drop

All Things Beautiful: [Sound] What Things Affect Sound?

All Things Beautiful: [Electromagnetism] Electromagnets and Motors

Living Our Own Lives: ["Astronomy" and "Sound"] Portable Space Canon

Adventures With Kids: [Bacteria] Mould Terarium

All Things Beautiful: [Liquid Density] Density

All Things Beutiful: [Liquid and Temperatures] Molecular Motion and Temperaturese

All Things Beautiful: [Chemistry] Chemical Changes

All Things Beautiful: [Gravity, Density, and Resistance] How Does Weight Affect the Speed of Falling?

Craft Knife: [Chemistry] Oobleck

Se7en: [Backyard Habitat] Bugs, Birds, and Beasts

Se7en: ["Light", "Crystals", and "Shadows"] Lights, Lines, and Lenses

* * *

Experiments for Littles

The Napping House: [Liquid Density] Hot and Cold Water

The Napping House: [Liquid Density] Salt Volcanoes

The Napping House: [Decomposition / Ecology] Decomposing in Peat Moss

One Sweet World: [Making Colors] Color Mixing

One Sweet World: ["Making Colors" and "States of Matter"] Magical Ice Cubes

Life, More Abundantly: [Gases] Dancing Popcorn

Frog Creek: [Evaporation] Evaporative Art

5 Orange Potatoes: [Color] Iridescence

Frog Creek: [Chemistry] Dissolving Calcium

We Are Here: [Plant Systems/Dissection] Dyeing Celery

We Are Here: [Plant Dyes] Cabbage and Grapefruit Dyes

Craft Knife: [Chemistry] Observations of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Echolage: [Color] Mixing Colors and Ice

Chicken Counting: [Light] Light and Shadow

* * *

Experiments for Mediums

Frog Creek: [Geology] Make Your Own Geode

Ordinary Life Magic: [Orbiting] Circling

* * *

Experiments for Bigs

All Things Beautiful: [Electricity] Switches and Short Circuits

* * *

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