Monday, December 14, 2009

Twig Stars

We have to make at least a couple of these every year.

one of last year’s models

Our favorite materials are glittered rosehips, dried rosebuds, cranberries, and dried flowers we find in the frozen garden. Use anything you like – acorns, seed pods, pretty stones, birch cones, things from a pretty potpourri mix… anything from nature makes a beautiful star.

I use twigs twigs that are roughly the same size and shape.

After I cut them to the same general length, I hot glue them together into a star shape.

I also hot glue moss onto the center, and then hand them over to the babes with craft glue.

If they’re using flowers, they can just poke the shortened stems into the moss, and you can glue it in place (or not) when they’ve arranged them.

Hang them with raffia, ribbon, wire, or ornament hooks.

A beautiful and natural decoration for Solstice or Christmas.

Happy, Starry Holidays to you.


  1. Beautiful! We shall definitely try our hand at these this season. Thanks. Shanti

  2. Just stopped by from Friday's Nature Table. Those stars are beautiful. Will put them on my list to make for this season!

  3. Love them. We make twig stars too, but i've never thought of decorating them like that - great. xx

  4. These are lovely. Will have to add them to our 'To Do' list.

  5. i love these! thanks for sharing. ;)

  6. What a great idea. My kids would love this.


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