Tuesday, December 22, 2009

december twenty-two

So the question gets asked this morning...

"Can it really be?"

Can I happily watch my child create
while washing dishes,
listen to Christmas music

and watch the snow begin to fall

outside the kitchen window?

Can a little tot of a girl create a puzzle about puddles and vapor and rain?

And paint another about canyons

and sleeping gorillas?

Can we really spend our days
nibbling on gingerbread houses

and making invitations for Tea -

on a plain old Tuesday?

Can we learn to spell and how to do research via Mario?

Does creating Stars

and Fancy Cakes

and Magic Reindeer Food

and beautiful garlands

(Mama's work)

(and then Baby's Work)
really count?

Can life and learning really look like


bird watching?

What about tea parties?

And neighborhood explorations?

Do they count?

And what about friends

and friendly chaos

and decorating sugar cookies?

Can this really be?

Do I really get

-is it possible-

to live this life

with these souls

in this Love

and this Joy?

The answer

Here then, friends....
To the Yes.


  1. Wow - it looks cold out there and so warm inside!!!

  2. Wonderful post, gorgeous life.

    The answer is yes, because you have the courage to make it so, and most do not. It is *hard* to let go of fear and let the "ordinary life magic" become the "extraordinary life possible"...

    That's why your blog is so important, and such a gift to the world.

    Thank you!

  3. Stephanie, I love this post!

  4. Beautiful post. It's amazing sometimes when you step back to take a minute and think about it. Here's to the yes!

  5. Yes to the joy of a most magical day :)

    Have a wonderful holiday with your husband and babes and soak up all the goodness and light of the season XO ~ Tara

  6. This post is so beautiful.. I felt my heart swell, yes this is an extraordinary life full of magic and love! I'm thankful to be part of it and to call you friend. Here's to the YES! xo Shona

  7. WOW! Thank you for such a beautiful post. It is truly inspirational and I am quite grateful. Enjoy the holiday season, which you clearly are!

  8. You make me want to decorate for the birds too! OH! I have to tell you: you totally inspired me to feed the birds. Yesterday there were about a dozen little birdies pecking at the ground outside my kitchen window. I felt bad for them, knowing that there isn't much for them now that it is winter, so I looked around for what I had: popcorn. So I went outside in the cold snow and the birds flew high in the tree, but I had faith they'd come back when they saw the goodness I was doing for them. So I scattered the popcorn at the base of the tree and... nothin'. They never came back! After the snow last night I have soggy popcorn in my yard. Bah. ;)

    I love, love, love that teapot & cup! So pretty!

  9. Penny - thank you so much. What a beautiful compliment.

    Everyone - Smiles and loves to you.

    Melody - lol. Sorry 'bout the soggy popcorn!
    The birds outside yesterday I was thrilled to see - it took them three days to find the food. I fretted and fretted and fretted - we had been without birdfood for so long that they gave up. I was so sad!
    Finally!... now, we have our friends back!

  10. Yes! What a lovely, empowering post.

  11. Perfectly wonderful!!!!!
    Happy Solstice and Christmas!


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