Saturday, December 26, 2009

the organizing weekend

aaaah... one of my very favorite things.

Getting to rotate, organize, and spruce things up.

Scooting the paints over to make way for the new colors.

Finding bins for the new zoobs, mag-neatos, and toobers and zots,

baskets for the paint brushes and mops,

and spots on the shelves for new books.

Rotating things in and out...

Trying to decide what stays upstairs in the spotlight, and what gets put downstairs to be discovered again after a while....

Hope you have as much this weekend as I do! :)

And!! - Don't forget about the Science Experiment drawing - fancy is totally unnecessary - just anything wow or fun will get you entered to win the books!

Only a week left!


  1. Reorganizing...That pretty much sums up our weekend as well. :o)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Ha! Stopped my own puttering to check in on you, and there you are, puttering! Yes, reorganizing...I've got the bug. Sounds like you all had a marvelous week!

  3. Ah yes this is where I am at this week...the organising and rotating....ah yes....

  4. That was our weekend as well! We moved every single bedroom now get the master so stuff can all fit organized (and they want to stay together). Kids room became crafty room. Crafty room became our room. Can't wait to get rid of the tree & do the whole downstairs too! :)

  5. I'm a weekend behind in organizing... but I love it too, the finding of new homes for just the right things. :)


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