Monday, December 07, 2009

monday, monday

Today inventory was taken on how things are coming for our holiday gift baskets. I'm feeling like we're in pretty good shape. :)

And we checked in with Tucker the mouse and Chester the cricket, and how things are coming along in Times Square.

We had some telephone and sound experimenting. (Again. I'm telling you , they love this!)

And guitar play.

And started making plans for sledding.

And took two hours to get ready to go sledding. :)
Sometimes all of that is fun. Twenty-five layers of scarves, thermals, shirts, six pair of gloves each for the babies, double layers of socks, homemade hot cocoa..... yeah, sometimes it's a good thing.

There wasn't a lot of snow on the ground, but no matter. It was soooo frozen
and cold
and frosty...
and we played
and discovered

just fine.

There was cocoa
and lots of truths about Physics

and a picnic
and a snowball fight

and running
and playing

and quiet

and still

and screeching

and wahooing
and rest

and loving.

Lots and lots of loving.

Home to a toasty house,
Christmas lights,
and a warm bath.

Candycanes have been hung.

Games are waiting to be played and favorite holly-day shows are waiting to be watched.

Life is so,
so good.

An' prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. What more could one ask for in a day! How lovely. Maddie looks so cute in that purple hat! I love it. I really like Trev's haircut, too. To more sweet days...

  2. What a fun physics lesson!!

  3. winter has come to your part of the world...what gorgeous pics of the brook/stream and the kids sledding :)

    love Maddie's cocoa moustache!!!!

  4. lol! i adore the look on her face in that 1st sledding photo :D 25 layers means it's cold, very cocoa is a must for those days!

  5. I would *love* to give you some of my 15" of snow! We have gotten dumped on! Fun, fun stuff! And the hot chocolate is my fav. :-)

  6. Wow...all this talk about snow...and we still have 50 degree weather. Rare to have snow for Christmas here...only the year we were married and our wedding was on the 19th. We assured everyone flying in that it never snows before Christmas.:)


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