Saturday, December 12, 2009

december mid-something

I find myself in a position I am not particularly fond of... it looks something like "at a loss".
What I dislike most about not writing for a few days is that I lose the mojo.
"What mojo?" you might ask cynically. :)
An' maybe that's true. Maybe olm is only apparent to me, and only exists in this Mama's head. :?
Really though - there are two outlooks that one can take on this path; there is the "what the hell is the point?", which is related to "does it really matter?"... and there is the attitude of "Wow! Isn't this life amazing?" and "I am here to appreciate it (read: acknowledge its value, thereby making it even more valuable)."
The latter is my general attitude.
Not to falsely pretend that life is grand, of course, but to find, acknowledge, and celebrate the magic.
That sometimes gets more difficult to do if out of practice.

So I find myself out of practice for three days, not sure what to write, and having a pocket that is seemingly empty of sparklies.

So what do I have?

I have holiday season magic.
I have "most of the shopping done". Which means the 'musts' are taken care of, and anything else (coming up) is bonus.

Our days have looked like cleaning.

And Nintendo ds. (Trev's friend Damek let him borrow his DS for a few days. For the first few days it was "I can't believe Damek let me borrow this!" and lots of ds playing. Of course it got put on his final List. Yes, it's taken care of.)

Mama has taken inventory. Where we're at, who it's from, how many, so on and so on.
Yes - we're of That sort. Magic and stardust and dollies and roller skates and too much sugar and chemistry sets and paleontology digs and books and candycanes and walky-talkies and jinglebells and fancy art supplies and new underwear and socks and Christmas pj's and cookies for santa (and maybe a shot of whiskey) and carrots for the reindeer. All of it. A friend asked me the other day if Little Son still believes in Santa. I told her, "Yes. But his Mother does, too, so....."

Anything besides that?

Nothing to be graded, as it happens.

Life at the moment looks like driving carefully in the snow.

Christmas shows.

Leaving paint booby-traps for Dad, but which get Discovered by Mama and the dog.

Looking out for each other.

Trips to the snow-hill several feet from our front gate.

Piggyback rides.
Computer games.
Baking our first loaves of french bread. (We're trying to master it, so that we might bake some artisian breads for gifts.)

Mentally composing letters to Santa.

Inquiries of the Globe.

Making cleaners.



Microscopic investigations.

Stacks and stacks of books.

Piles and piles of laundry.

Clean kitchen floors,

chocolate chips,
princes and paupers,


sugar cookies

and warm toes.

Now isn't that funny?
Living it doesn't seem like anything fancy, or noteworthy.
But while remembering and recalling
it seems like the stuff of life,
and the stuff of Happines.

Hmmm. ' Might be a bit of sparkly in there, after all.

Here's to seeing the Love and Joy in this moment.
And now I have a Very Important Date with a little Gril and a stack of red and green stories....


  1. I read your blog and love it. It always amazes me how much you stuff into a day! As a homeschooler with two young 'uns (5 and 2) I love seeing what older kids get up to.

  2. LOL -- I know exactly what you mean about losing one's mojo after not posting for a couple days. I'm right there with ya! Haven't taken enough pics, which leaves me going... what HAVE we been doing?

    Much the same as you. :)

  3. So sparkly.. I too, struggle with Mojo. I just keep trying!

  4. wow. just... wow.

    What a wonderful post to share with the rest of the world!

  5. I see so many sparkles and such abundance and joy in your posts. Yes, it is often the very small and ordinary daily bits that shine!!!

    I think I connect to your blog because I know your home is not unlike mine.... there is learning, and cooking and messes and art and books, and small discoveries.
    You tell us about the quiet pauses between too - the times where you need to catch your breath.

    I'd say your mojo is fully intact friend :)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  7. I'm leaving your blog with a bit of sparkly stuck on my sweater.

    Thank you!

  8. no sparkles lost here, you just needed to write through the plain and find the glitter.

  9. It is lovely and inspiring. (And now I want to make those mints...)

  10. i hear ya. i'm there too. i love life and we have a blast, but the blogging magic connection has been seeming like too fine a thread, and feeling lonely wins over typing aimlessly about myself. but i'll get over it.

    your days, as always, seem wonderful.

  11. I agree with echo, writing through the plain to find the glitter...and I thank you for penning it so magically that I'm reminded to stop focusing on the plain of our life and go jump in the pile of glitter that is already there, waiting to be exploded onto the carpet and the walls. :) Thanks, friend!

  12. Hmmm yep looks like sparkliness to me...and a touch of deliciousness...yum!

  13. sometimes ...when my cup has not been filled ...i tend to loose my own sparkle. I know.. everyday joy of the things we do together should be enough...but...sometimes it isn't. On those days... i try to honor the moment of just being....what ever the moment ok dinner is not special, its ok we didn't read 20 books before bed...its ok the dishes are piled high.... just for today. its ok...
    Looks like alot of beautiful yummy sparkly things happened anyways stephanie! (and if all fails... filling the cup with a bit of whiskey is not bad either eh?) :) just kidding.


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