Sunday, December 06, 2009

december six

"Hey do you guys remember Jane Blinkun?"
"Mm-mm," said her Mama, "I've never heard of Jane Blinkun."
"I think she means Abe Lincoln," offered her brother.

He continues to count coins (so that he can go to the video store to get Alvin and The Chipmunks"), "Hey, how come these pennies are brown?"

A couple of hours later I hear "Abe Lincoln, for the last time!"
"Jane Blinkun?" I asked.
"Jack Plinkin."
"At least he's not a girl this time," I consoled him.

We tried something out-- you put an open 2 liter bottle in the freezer for a few minutes (or just outside-- dang it's cold out there!), then pull it out and place a wet quarter over the top of it. As cold air takes up less space than warm, there is pressure to escape as the cold air warms - lifting up the quarter on one side so the excess gas can escape. The coin rises and falls, clicking at the top of the bottle. Sometimes the gas will knock the coin off center, just place it back over the middle, and it will start clicking again, until the temperature is the same as the outside. Pretty cool! And easy to understand.

(This was one of Janice VanCleave's, by the way, from Chemistry for Every Kid. And I'm totally going to enter it in the drawing! - :) -)

The gingerbread men were finally hung up today.

Maddie made sure at least one of them was recognizably a Gril.

And we made a couple of long paper-chain garlands to hang on the tree. Only six hundred more links to go.

There has been lots of Charlie Brown watching. :) Maddie loves it.

And lots of tidying up. Mama loves that.

Trevelyn cooks. Hashbrowns.
And talks about the windpipe, trachea, the blood mobile, esophagus, and how "these hashbrowns don't have much waste, because they're just all natural potatoes." And then gets introduced to fiber. :) (This all happened the kitchen... Mama was in the next room over-hearing.)
Pretty funny.

More letters and lovenotes to friends were written today. Maddie has been writing, and writing.
I think I'll get out the tiles and letters from the Scrabble game tomorrow, and put them in a little basket for the livingroom cabinet - she might enjoy writing some real words.

And lots more guitar play with Daddy, too.

We're good.
And slow-movin'.
Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, love that experiment! I've been poring through our 'BIG BOOK of Play and Find Out Science Projects' to find a good entry ...

    I know it's not a contest and all, but still. :)

  2. "Jane Blinkun"..... smile :)

    I think Maddie's gingerbread girl is very festive and darling!

    {Trev's handsome with his haircut too.}

  3. Ok. I will try very hard to blog an experiment in the next few days, it sounds too cool! Also I will now and forever be calling Abe by his new alternate names.

  4. Maddie is so funny. That little interaction sounds like something that would go on in our house.

  5. I am totally doing this with my kids.

    Actually, I'll do it on my own, but I bet they join me!

    I am *thrilled* you visited my blog. You and your family are such a huge influence on me!

    (I just wish I had found you sooner :))

    Congrats on the Janice Van Cleave sponsorship, big fans here, and really, your blog is *perfect* for her sponsorship. Awesome.

  6. Oh the conversations we overhear! Your babes are so adorable, how do you stand it :o)

  7. How fun! I love the sledding shots:)

  8. Penny - thanks so much for the extra sweet words!


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