Thursday, December 03, 2009

December Three

Finished up the Compost Tea. (I'm so thrilled to have made something with which to nurture my houseplants!)


moon-walkin' (his Dad is rather good at it, oddly enough)
break dancin',
and then a very fine sashayin' in the kitchen.

helping to clean the den.

Trev learned how to rinse dishes for the dishwasher... and then kept coming back to ask if there were any more dishes to wash yet (being the Good Mama that I am, I told him that he could certainly help me to wash the dishes after we had our fish and potatoes tonight...)

lotion bars - mmmmmm

looked at a beeswax pellet under the microscope (Maddie's idea)
and then a brown crumb that she found on the floor :)
and then a black one.
(Yes, I've vacuumed the kitchen floor already once today.)
(And yes, I vacuum instead of sweeping. Much more satisfying and effectual.)

workings for trimming the tree, again.

My goodness - we must be pretty casual about how we do things around here... this is the first time that I've willingly taken days to decorate the tree. :) (and we're not done yet...)


(the last ones.)

a visit from Grammy

and lots of taking care of business.
Which means Maddie writes invitations to her birthday party (again and still)
phonecalls to a friend (for her Mama)
and working on a superfun project....

We'll see you tomorrow.
Same Bat Time,
Same Bat Channel.

(Well.... maybe not the exact same time....)


  1. Congrats on the compost tea! Your plants will be so happy. :)

  2. Your plants are going to be so thankful for that nourishing tea :)

  3. Compost tea?!?! Hmmmm...I'll have to scroll down to see what that's all about!
    Those lotion bars look amazing!

  4. Really struck by compost tea and lotion bars - just great!
    What would Christmas decorations be without lots of glitter. Boy, do my children love to get creative with glitter!


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