Monday, December 28, 2009

december two-eight

We began our day by looking at sand animation.
Very beautiful, that.

There was more research done today on how best to provide a healthy habitat for Maude... we brought her in a couple of weeks ago for the winter.

(We've lost Harold.... and I mean literally. He simply was not in the pond the last time we cleaned and drained it. ???)
It was too stressful worrying if she was getting enough oxygen under the ice, and the ice was already over six inches thick, and this in the beginning of December. We thought it prudent to bring her indoors for a few months.
So we're learning about how to take care of her -and her companion, Peek.

There's been ds playing

- surprise!! -

and tidying up
- which means putting away a few holiday things -
love that!

and discoveries

and Maddie reveals another thing that she's good at.

We've played Qwirkle

Score: 174 Trev - 173 Mama

and Maddie tried on addition and subtraction

And we have discussed Fencing classes. When I told Trev that he's tried it, he was surprised - he doesn't remember at all. :)
Trevelyn in May, 2006 - age 4

I think there's a homeschool fencing group - at least there used to be - so I'll be checking into that....

Writing for Maddie.

Bridge To Terabithia.

Karate in the livingroom.

Hot cocoa

warm baths

flannel nighties...

and maybe we're done
and maybe we're not.

Life is good.
See you tomorrow.


  1. *Love* the pic of littler Trev in the fencing outfit.

    Is Qwirkle fun? I've been looking at it, but my husband thinks it's over Hannah's head right now.

    We got some games for Christmas that have been hits, some that haven't. You never know, do you?

  2. We very much liked the alien in the vent :-)

    And french - very cool!

  3. Soleil is the name of a long lost friend's child. I was just thinking of what a lovely name that was when I read your blog and there it was. I love it when that happens!
    What are those things in the discovery picture? I'd like some of those!
    O.k, enough lounging in bed. Now I'm motivated to get up and start exploring with the kids. Have a good one!

  4. Sarah - It's okay, but it's looooong. If only two are playing, it takes Trev and I over an hour to play. (It's akin to dominoes, sort of, so if she is mad for Dominoes, then I'd say go for it.)
    Lately we've been playing apples to apples at family holiday parties, and I think the Junior version would be very fun. I love the adult version.
    Also - Bloxorz is great for piddling or really playing, or Blokus. You might want to consider either of those for now, if you don't have them.

    Jane - they're Mag-neatos. Maddie got them for Christmas, and has been loving them. :)

  5. Hmmmm, you don't seem to be the least bit concerned about the yellow, blue and red worms coming out of your wall......

    Maybe I should be sending for help?


  6. LOL at the vent alien discovery! :D


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