Wednesday, December 16, 2009

december fifteenth

Madeleine began her morning with cutting.
She had made shapes with glue and glitter yesterday, and the first thing this morning she remembered them, and went to fetch them - sure enough, they were dry and ready!

She cut them out (her first time, really) and hung them

and made what she called a lollt. A Christmas Lollt. Evidently, it's something that you toss into the air, and watch it fall.And then you hang it on the tree.

After her lollt, she decided that she needed to have a tea party, so she started making invitations.

I remembered that Marina had inspired the thought of putting scrabble tiles on the little trays, to show Madeleine how to spell things if she was interested.
I offered her the idea, and she took me up on it.

Amazingly (to me), Maddie wrote her first real words today.

She was quite pleased with herself.

Trev fell out of bed :) and began his day somewhere around here.
He started with Mario for a minute, and then Walking With Beasts.
He grabbed the zoobs (he's been building with them a lot the last few days), and started off on some adventure or another.

Then Madeleine conducted Tea while Trevy and I played JumpStart.
Trev is doing well with punctuation, now. He's starting to understand commas and quotations. He also did alright with finding the patterns with larger numbers (such as 373, 378, 370, 375, 367..__...). Interestingly, he did well with the direction games, too - (the blue house is north of the fire station... the blue house is not next to the super market....) something that took him a long time to do a couple of months ago. Other than that, with the multiplication facts he needed help, so we shouted them out. ("6 x 7 is 42!!") Looks like it's a good day for Multiplication Vacation to be in the stereo today while we venture out! We do love it.

And we completed the next level, and kept playing.

Music is a part of every day right now, and as usual, when her Daddy got home, Madeleine handed him the guitar to accompany her.

I managed to string some popcorn and cranberries for the den,

and Trev spends the rest of the evening telling us that he'll do anything for - must have - A-Silver-Nintendo-DS-Lite-With-New-Super-Mario-Brothers for Christmas.
Which means I get to take back the thing and trade it for the right color. sigh.

And now today we've got plans to play, and be out of the house for most of the day.

Prob'ly we'll see you tonight.


  1. The "lollts" remind me f a creation of Evie's from Christmases past. They were called "loolers" and were crumpled pieces of clear cellophane wrapped with pipe cleaners--we still have them of course.

    She then came up with"tropical loolers." That was a drink involving sparkling water and tangerine juice. Nope, I didn't get the connection either!

    happy creating!

  2. I love the scrabble idea, she's so cute making invitations, have fun out of the house today!!

  3. I love the photo of Maddie writing. So precious. She did a wonderful job at it, too. I must use the scrabble idea!
    The "lollts" reminds me of lofting as in parasailing...hmmmm.
    Another beautiful post, another beautiful day.

  4. words to me are magic... first real written word (sigh)... its amazing to me too! funny enough... honeypie read her first word today on her own... after seeing a dvd with me...she says...mama that says "cast". My eyes popped out of my head. everyday connections... yes. it is amazing. Loving your popcorn and cranberry garland! always wanted to do that! :)

  5. Love the Scrabble idea. That is definitely one I am using with Ari.

  6. I love how she wrote the second s on top of the first one. :)

    Good luck with your exchange--hope you have no problem finding the right color. ;)

  7. Hmm... That scrabble idea is inspired. Definitely grabbing that one.

    We're doing a popcorn/cranberry/peanut garland for the birds for Solstice. Do you have any lovely suggestions for me for that day? I'm really working towards incorporating seasonal days into our calendar to stave off other *ahem* influences.

  8. Love the lollts!

    It reminded me...Benjamin ran off with some wool roving the other day, wrapped it in cellophane tape and he cut the creation in half (so he had two of "them" I suppose).

    Both are still on his desk.

    Tomorrow I will have to ask him what "they" are called. :)

  9. i am still giggling about the're such a good mama. silver? bah, i'd give 'em what i got! the scrabble idea is GREAT - i'm always asked to spell while i'm in the middle of something else and inevitably one of us gets lost or confused...! this would keep us on track.

  10. Music is a fun part of our days as well.
    My oldest(5) is also copying letters from anything she can find. The scrabble idea is a great one. I'll have to try that!


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