Friday, December 18, 2009

december eighteen: champagne wishes and caviar dreams

We figured today was the day to wrap it up.
Well not wrap it up, but rather to finish it up.

To the shopping.
All of it!
The Christmas ham. The rice crispies and bags of marshmallows. The fancy chocolate for candies.
The oranges and apples for drying for our animal friends for Winter Solstice,
the 85 pounds of birdseed that will hopefully get us through the winter,
all the preferred nuts for Stockings,
the presents from eachother.....
You'll love this one....
I sent Eric and Trevelyn off to choose Maddie's present while Maddie and I went to choose something for Trevy, and take care of Business. You know - blue for silver....
She had already told me that she wanted to get him a Star Wars Lego set. And she chose a good one.
When the shopping was almost done, and I was just about to get into line (the stuff was hiding from the babes, of course), I asked Trev when Maddie wasn't around, "What did you get for Maddie?"
He says with great enthusiasm, "A Spounge Bob Snow Cone Maker!!!"


Oh, yes. That poor heart of mine did, indeed, skip a beat.
There was probably twenty seconds there where I had to muddle through, process, take it back, sputter, and eventually come to "it's not my business."
Never in a million years would I buy such a thing.
Thank goodness his Dad was with him, instead of me, for I would have pointed him toward something I knew she wanted, and something that didn't look like even a little bit like A Sponge Bob Squarepants Sno-Cone Maker.
I'm sure she'll be crazy about it.
It might even be her favorite gift, this year.

So after the warehouse market and the super-chain toy store, and the Mama's Favorite Local Fancy Toy Store we made our way to the regular grocer's, where we dipped our -untried- toes once again into the world of Plastic and Corn Syrup Rainbows. In the name of Holiday, of course.Sigh again.

Ah well.
Trev plays on his computer, and Maddie plays with Lincoln Logs.

I suppose we'll be alright.

And now that all of that is out of the way, we have two days of serious cleaning coming up, so that we shall be ready to properly celebrate Solstice on Monday.

Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I'm laughing my head off over the Sponge Bob Sno-cone maker! :D But you know, she will love it. hehe.

    That reminds me...I always wanted that blasted Snoopy Sno-cone machine when I was a kid, and never got it. ;)

  2. Fantastic post. I adore the spongebob snowcone maker incident. Because it is much like the gifts that one of my darlings picked out for my other darling. I had to simply smile and say "Oh, how nice." Glad to hear I am not the only one who must do a little this time of year ;)

  3. Oh, how I DO love Sour Patch Kids--who knew there were candy canes?

    Hasn't that minty red & white cane been bastardized since we were children? Sheesh!

    A Spongbob Snowcone Machine, eh? Oh my!

  4. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I typed Spongbob.

    Spongbob sounds so much creepier & weird, doesn't it?

  5. happy solstice, ya'll

  6. Like Sherry, I always wanted a snow cone machine too! If she doesn't love that Sponge Bob one, send it to me! ;)

  7. I was unaware of Sour Patch Candy canes. I will be going out again today!

    Rock the Solstice! Here comes the SUN!

  8. Trev has impeccable taste - the snow cone maker will no doubt be a hit and who doesn't love Spongebob? It did bring a smile to my face :)

    Owen really wants a Nintendo ds too - he's got the Wii now and loving it and is also a big Star Wars fan!!!

    You all are going to have quite a Christmas!


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