Thursday, December 17, 2009

december 16: plans. and a list.

Yup - I had both.
Big, big plans.... and a big, big list.
Aaaand.... not quite so - for either - at the end of the day.
But she tosses it into the wind, with a cavalier C'est La Vie!

Didn't return the library books.
Didn't clean house before we totally abandoned it.

Here's what we did have.

Which always counts, as far as this Mama is concerned. No matter what.

To the Planetarium!! To see a film.
Yeah, not quite.
To the planetarium....

mood rings

but missed the film.
Found the Friends, however.
And found the Lunch Date.
To the children's museum!
With These friends
and Those friends.

A most excellent way to spend the day, to be sure.

In that package,
we got...
To talk with Santa.
To have Mama "Talk With Santa" (he's got to cover his bases, you know, and make sure Mama and Santa have worked out The Particulars - and that there are no holes to fall into -- or , rather, for a Little Boy's Silver-Nintendo-DS-Lite-With-NewSuperMarioBrothers to fall into.)
And to make a little tote with pretty stickies in which to carry off loot that looks like Fancy (psuedo) cuppycake-thingies, a juicebox, and a (pseudo)cookie thingy.

Along with elevator rides, building, fans, balls, stores, horseys, climbing walls, theater shows, stamping, animation creation, earthquake simulations, helicopters, playing house, dollies, delivering the mail, being a policeman, dressing in cowgirl duds, filling up the car with gas, feeding hay to the horses, running a farm and laying chickens, and so on, and so on....

And since we can't stop there,
we make plans to top off a perfect day with Play at friends house....
and don't come home until 11pm.
I know. We apologized on our way out the door.
And even though we were 1/2 a minute away from home between there and here, one of the babies fell asleep on the way home. :)

We're good.
We love our friends.
Evidently our friends love us.

And now we're going skiing today.... 8,000 plus feet up in the sky.
See you tonight.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!!! Your children's museum looks wonderful.

  2. What a day! And what an awesome museum you've got!

    I'm learning to let go of my plans this week, too. Life just doesn't seem to want to follow them. :)

  3. What a fun day! Looks like way more fun then sticking to your plans :)

  4. Sounds like a great day! The helicopter looked way cool!

    Hope skiing was excellent!

  5. That is a great day! Those days which don't go just as planned seem to be the best.

  6. Do you have any fun ideas for Winter Solstice?


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