Monday, December 14, 2009

december 14: "Oh my Stars!"

The Countdown begins. Did you notice?
My children did.

Maddie starts her Letter To Santa....and draws flowers, shapes, and a door. Recognizably.
Maybe not a bit deal to you... but for a Mama who has waited and waited and waited for Pictures, this is A Very Big Deal.

We moved on to shapes and decorations for the tree.
There's something here about
and The Other....
And then The Magic Onions puts up Pretty Stars...

and we play with those,

and then break out Ours.

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And then our Other stars.

Today sort of took off on its own. :)

There was a ribbon
turned sleigh rope
turned ribbon dance thingy
turned wrapping trim

which led to more woodland elves.
(All on her own.)

Madeleine started thinkin', see... and said, "I wanna be Santa." And then, "Where's the hat?"
and then "Where's the coat?"
I have no red. I never wear red. My husband wears no red.
I was perfectly willing to scrap something to make do, but....
We have no Red.
"I'm gonna get a piece of paper, and that will be my red coat!"
I whipped out a red piece of foam.
And then she drew red pants.
And we found a belt.
And she got the Antlers for Annabelle.
And hitched her up to a sled.
And then cried when she got emptied out of the sled, and landed on her bum.
Not a suprise for me, but twas for her.
She handed the reigns to her brother.

Daddy gets back from skiing, and gets pointed up to the rooftop.

Maddie composes. "It's called The Darkest Forest".
She comes to fetch her Daddy, handing him the guitar.

My house is in shambles.
Something about that holiday song of "one step forward and three steps back comes to mind...."
Remember? Just put one foot in front of the other.....
Currently (at 4:56 pm), my husband is chasing the children around the house... those same babes are screaming at the top of their lungs - while running and shrieking and there is something like "tickle me!" being suggested - and greatly afeared.

And now...
Now it's 7:01 and Maddie is folding up a Lewis & Clark map, planning an expedition,
the beans and ham are done, cornbread is in the oven,
Mama is ready for a holiday show,

and life is so,
All is well.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Life is good....

    Your stars are fantastic! Tutorial?

  2. stick ones are up at olm, too, and I'll put the paper ones up tomorrow! :)

  3. Love the stars and also the make-shift Santa costume. Thanks again for the peace.

  4. love that advent house and those stars. I saw the paper one at Magic Onions too and thought, "do I have time to make these?" Seeing how well yours turned out I think I do.

  5. Its crazy busy times here too but the energy is infused with smiles and fun.

    Your stars are magnificent - can't wait to see how to make the paper ones.

  6. Oh gorgeous crafting! We have lots of stick stars around here...they hang ALL year round thanks to my love of everything that , well, hangs!
    Yes getting close now...the countdown is certainly on. I spy a little haircut in there? Must read further down. ;)

  7. there is a joy in Papa's chasing children at the end of the day isn't there?

  8. those stick nature stars are so wonderfully awesome!! we have got to make some of those. and that's one cute little santa girl :o)

  9. gorgeous advent calendar!! all doors in ours are already open... figures.... not a big surprise person myself. We will be making your beautiful stars today! loving the idea!


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