Wednesday, December 02, 2009

december two

advent calendar

-again and again and again-

a calculator math game
which led to wanting to check out multiplication problems
which led to "Hey! This is kind of like a video game!"
Which led to "Hey Mom.... 81!"
"Nine times nine."
"Correct! Nine times seven times five!"
"Uh... 315."
"Correct!" And on and on it went.....

more lights up

gingerbread cookies

running (the first time she's even been able to walk since she hurt her leg)




Sound experiment

the first three chapters of The Cricket In Times Square



annoying Daddy (thankfully it's him and not me)

and I don' know what else.

Let's call it good, shall we?

I have a long, quiet [please?] date with Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes...

We're still good.
Even though.


  1. We just finished reading The Cricket in Times Square...and then we read The Meadow too. I never actually knew there were so many of "The Cricket" books, but there are and I don't think it matters what order you read them in.

    I love your notes for today.


  2. You know, your days are so full and busy and yet when you write about them there is such a peace about it. I love that. I come here to relax. Thanks for it.

  3. aaahhh the dreaded "p" word.

    take care!

  4. Are the kids really enjoying the Cricket book? I have never read this-how did I miss this???

  5. Beads, there is a lot of that going on around here (well actually here is relative to where ever we are) any way we've added buttons to our beads.

    Yum on the Sherlock Holmes, although my favorite variation is still my father reading it to me sitting on the window sill.

  6. pms. The first thing that came to mind was "Have a happy period!" lol! May you have a nice peaceful day today full of all of the good things of life!

    We got up our advent calendar yesterday. It is cute... but I'm thinking of making one of pouches w/ draw strings, big enough to hold a half-dozen Hershey's kisses size or a few pouches of hot cocoa mix, and then string up a heavy duty string/rope and clothes pin the bags to the rope. I saw it in Better Homes and Gardens magazine at the doctor's office, though I can't seem to see an example online, darnit. Anyway,that is next up on my list!

  7. The dreaded mama's cranky - pms blues.... what's a girl to do?

    I keep my head down and look for chocolate :)

  8. So glad she's healing up!


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