Monday, November 09, 2009

november nine

"What do you wanna do today?" Mama asked when it felt like a good time.
Yeah, I ask sometimes. Because sometimes I like to remind them that we can actually create our days, instead of just falling into them by default.
"Hmmmm..." says Little Son, "let me think..."
"Well, we can read some books, for sure," offers Mama.
"I wanna go to the Aviary!" piped up Madd.
"Can't go to the Aviary, Daddy took the truck skiing." (First time of the season.)
"Well, since it's so close to Thanksgiving, we could do some Pilgrim or Native American projects," offered their mother.
"Yeah, that sounds good," from Little Son, "and.... Hey! We could look at pictures of Long Lost Ancestors!"
I have no idea where he came up with that. But my ears perked right up.
Hey!.. "I actually have some..."

And so our day was officially begun.

But was soon interrupted - : ) - when Daddy came back from skiing, saying he was having truck problems, and didna wanna get stuck up in the mountains.

We looked at a couple of Thanksgiving-themed books, read some Corn-y jokes, and looked at a few pilgrim/colonial american/native american craft projects.

We decided to make lanterns, so we started those (we'll show you all about that tomorrow).

And... we headed downstairs to get the rumpus room and hall cleeee-eaned.

That makes the whole basement completely organized, cleaned, and tidy - thankyouverymuch.

Hmmm... that doesn't seem like much of a day, does it?
Then how come I'm completely exhausted?

All I can think about is a book and the couch. :)
So we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. love the neatness - totally love it!!!

  2. Wow!!! Where did you get those photos? I see a few there that I would like to have copies of.. We don't have ANY and would love to have some.

  3. Your rumpus room is a great space ~ boy could we use more room here...

    Enjoy your rest and reading :)

  4. Kimk- I got them from mom probably ten or fifteen years ago, and had copies made.
    I love the ones of Papa in his chapeu!

  5. Oh, wait!!
    I think.... yeah! I had them made while I was at Grandma's for her birthday. That's what it was.

  6. I love looking at old photographs (especially when the date is on the back). My mom has a boat load, and recently I've been thinking of asking her if I can borrow them to look through.

  7. Ooh, fun! I positively perk up at the sight of family history.

    I've been working on a project that has to do with family history here, also, but my kids aren't so into it yet .... Sigh.

  8. OK, so how do I get me some' dem pictures?
    You got any on da putah you could send me?


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