Thursday, November 19, 2009

two days

aye aye aye!

we've had a few things round and about, but mostly my life has been lived in code. html code, that is.
honestly. could Wordpress be any more complicated?
I think I've rubbed half the skin off my face while rubbing my palms over my eyes and cheeks.
probably my eyes are going to be permanently droopy from trying to pull them off my head.

and what were the babes doing these past two days, you ask?
oh, well.
I can't be sure about some of it, of course.
but I do have something to show you that accounted for a few seconds of their time last night.

now isn't that fine.
no, I didn't scream.
I cried.
I'd probably still be crying except for my husband coming home and laughing.


and now we've delivered Trevy to Cousins' house "How am I supposed to get used to your hair if I don't see you for two days?", I asked. yes, I did. petulant am I

and we played with Cousins

and the two of us that came back are now home and painting

and continuing the mad love affair with Balloons

and looking through our kaleidoscope we made

and thinking about getting tucked in with a movie.

all is well.
I guess.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhmigod. i am moaning and laughing. E did that someone else's child. yowza, this is beautiful. you deserve that beer.

  2. oh, my. my kids have never done the cut your own hair thing, but if they did...i'd surely cry too.

    good luck with wordpress!

  3. Ari and Mina are both very proficient at cutting their own hair. At this point, I just chalk it up to improving their cutting skills and pick up the hair. :)

  4. Oh my!
    I guess i did very well at getting children that would only just a few strands of hair then try to hide it.
    They sure went to town on theirs!

  5. Eek! That must have been quite a surprise for you. Did they both play stylist, or did just one wield the scissors?

    Poor mama. Daddy's just don't take these things seriously.

  6. Trev came in with something to tell me -pff- and I was shocked but holding it together... until he told me that he cut Madd's, too - and I asked, "But you didn't cut her braids off, did you???" and he said "yes" and that's when I started crying.


    it's kind of funny. almost. in a few days, surely it will be.

  7. Wow. That is some haircut! And so is the other one. I would have cried about the braids too. :(

    Are you moving to Wordpress? I can't wrap my mind around it either.

  8. Sarah -
    I'm moving the tutorials and the non-babes stuff.

    I want to be open for reviews and ads, but I don't want those sorts of things on the blog that I want to print up for my children.

    So OLM at wordpress for that, and the stories remain here. :)

    Working on it.


  9. My jaw dropped in shock!!!
    Trev's is OK, but that little Madd just looks so dang cute in her braids. i think I would have cried, too. Lauren did that once (one small little section) and she looked at my face and started crying. I guess either she knew I was disappointed, or was afraid she was in trouble. Either way, she never did it again.
    Well, maybe by the time you get used to it, it will be grown out enough to fix it. (fingers crossed)

  10. Wow-those kids sure do have a lot of spunk!

  11. Hmm.... they were very busy indeed working on their new coifs!!

    I will embarrass myself and tell you that a few years ago I colored my hair - hated the result - thought I could "trim" it away myself and ended up looking very similar to your kiddos. And I'm an adult... well most days. My husband came home and buzzed off every last bit of my hair {had to} and I started over.

    It will grow :)

  12. Oh, Steph...sending mumma love your way. Not too terrible in the Grand Scheme, but still.

    I tried wordpress. Hated it. They couldn't possible make it harder for those of us who aren't fluent in computer!

  13. A year later and I still can't breathe - it is a heart issue that leaves you gasping with grief - I so understand... I still can not laugh about it, even slightly!!! (read all the way till #6's event)...

  14. Oh...oh...oh...
    I absolutely would have cried too, right after I puked. I'm pretty sure my husband would have cried too. Kudos to Eric for bringing some levity to the situation. ;)

  15. Oh no! fortunately hasn't happened here yet...

  16. Oh my goodness!!! What a shock for you and the babes! The hair will grow and it's a day of learning the art of hairstyling. Scissors are such a temptation for all sorts of creativity!

  17. OOOH, MAMA -- the HAIR!!!

    In empathy I am starting to understand why my mother was so upset and angry when my sister (at age 19) had a friend cut off her beautiful long blond locks... and then SHAVE her head. Oh, Lord, the things we mamas must endure.

    In my sister's defense, she was immersed in women's studies at school and anticipating a trip to Italy by herself.

  18. I know how upset and shocked you must be...but they are absolutely beautiful even without long hair.


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