Sunday, November 22, 2009

sunday twenty-two

our posts lately have been filled with things regarding home and hearth, haven't they?

that seems to always happen with the season changes.
we've had so many days over the last month that were warm and sunny (well, warm for us, anyway- sixty+ degrees) that it was hard sometimes to settle deeply into Fall.
but this last week has definitely showed that Nature and time have chosen an unsurprising course.

so we find ourselves not very far from home, and thinking of family and holidays.

today there was den building for some little bears.

and a neighborhood walk

and They Might Be Giants Science is Real videos

and another walk with Annabelle (Trevelyn is proving to his Papa that he can handle any situation-- a difficult feat as she outweighs him by about fifty pounds)

Trevy and I sparklified the freezer upon his return.
while listening to TMBG Science
and then the fridge.
and then the pantry.
:) I do love a tidy pantry.

there was zoob construction while sitting on Trevy's bed

and prayers posted on the fridge to Ullr (our resident Snow God)

and stilts
and again
and again

and just readin' about dinosaurs

and a bit about King Tut.

we wandered away from home for a couple of hours so that we could refill the larder -
don't you love it when it's full?

and Daddy got to play Rockstar with an electric guitar while we were out.

there have been icecream cones

and Multiplication Vacation. (love that, too.)

and while we were out fetching the goods for our pantry
-and dinner was slowly roasting-

the snow started falling.

what's to do,
but dream of tomorrow's gingerbread men
and settle in with a cup of sleepy tea?

see you tomorrow.


  1. OMG that snow picture is gorgeous.

    Sigh, here in the UK, its wet,windy and a tad gloomy. I would love some snow :-)


  2. sleepy tea and gingerbread men with a gorgeous snow like that..sounds lovely

    lol daddy rockstar :D

  3. Beautiful photo. Your weather amazes me, I know I've told you that before, but it really does!

    TMBE Science is our new favorite! Have loved them since a high schooler (oh, so many moons ago)!

    MMMMM gingerbread men! A favorite tradition of ours as well.

    Have a great day in the snow!

  4. I'm so glad that the snow waited until the weekend was mostly over!

    I need to organize my pantry so that I can add in all of the cans and cans that came from my mom's apartment. It will be very nice to have so much extra food for a rainy day!

    Have a great day today!

  5. Love tmbg! My kids like "The Blood Mobile" best!

  6. I'm having some Sleepy Tea right now. That photo is beautiful. xx

  7. The snow picture is divine.


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