Sunday, November 29, 2009

sunday twenty-nine: even still.

Funny how we run along sometimes, and think that there is nothing for us in the Now...

no magic,
nothing interesting...

sometimes I get so caught up with thoughts of what life should or could look like at the moment that I forget to see the goodliness before -and inside- this moment.
and this family.
and me.

Sometimes we live
in clutter
or messes, maybe
or the problems of hurt knees
and the irritation of not-working christmaslights.

But the good thing about being Willing

-and wise enough to know-

is that it's possible to amend
and need only take a moment.

A moment
in a frozen garden

or a moment of peeking around corners...

and sure enough,
it's there.

Just waiting.

So here's to digging in the garage tomorrow looking for the tree stand
and helping Maddie around while she gets over her first trampoline injury (not terribly serious, but still debilitating).
and making brownies
and having the babes ooh with delight when we get out the Dickens village
and tending to piles and piles of laundry.

because even when,
life is still So Good.

Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Oh the miracle of life on earth!

  2. you have a keen eye for the good in life.... thanks for sharing :)

  3. ...just what I needed today. :)

  4. Hi, Stephanie. That was very thoughtful, very wise, and very poetic. Thank you for your words today! love, Beth

  5. I like this post. Especially with this time of year, sometimes we get rushed and frustrated and hurried, but I'm choosing something different.

    Sorry to hear that Maddie got hurt:(

  6. Oh yes yes yes! So beautiful....I adore every photo!!


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