Saturday, November 07, 2009


Maddie and I made stamps today.
This idea comes from two places... a tutorial that Sam wrote quite a while ago (Sam writes at Feel the Rhythm Inside), and from my friend Julie - I've seen some she made at her house, but I don't think she's posted about them.
Anyway... I don't remember how exactly Julie made hers, but I've been thinking.....

I knew I had lots of little block scraps downstairs...
And I had saved some styrene for just this purpose clear back when Sam wrote her tutorial...
so I dug out my embossing tool, and cut out a few pieces for Maddie to have her way with.
And we played.

I just cut them out

we glued them on the blocks with school glue -let them dry for a bit, or they'll slide around-

and we painted our designs with brushes and tempera.
(Paint works much better on the styrene than stamp pads.)

I realized that our sticky foam pieces would also make for some fun shapes, so we stuck those onto our blocks, too.
You could absolutely use foam sheets to cut out your own instead of styrene for the shapes-- just glue your shapes onto the blocks.

The possibilities are endless...
and much fun!
(And this might be a really fun gift for a Little in your life for the coming holiday!)


  1. I've been thinking about stamping too. I was checking out the stamping supplies just today. Yours turned out really well.

  2. My moment of fame :D

    Those funky foam shapes will make brilliant stamps, but I like the dotted heart the best.

  3. How cool. I always wondered what the point of those buckets of foam shapes was whenever I saw them at A.C. Moore back home! Now I know. Someday when I find a place that sells them (here or in Europe), we'll have to try this!

  4. Oh, Steph, thank you! This really is a fantastic idea for crafting gifts for my little ones.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I am making my boys at least one gift each this year. I think I will add this to my list of things to make. Thanks for sharing your idea!


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