Monday, November 02, 2009

november two: incongruity schmincongruity

let's see.

Daddy left us to be Gone Fishin' today.
Mostly he's a fly-fisherman. You know. A superior local. Ties his own flies. Annually picks up a Proclamation so's he can follow the rules and respect the health of the ecosystem and species. Catches and releases, ninety-nine-five percent of the time. Picks up garbage while he's out.
The usual.
He's gone. Be back for dinner.

And one of us played outside in the dirt while another stretched his legs and roamed the neighbhorhood with his light sabers no doubt on some secret mission for the Republic.

Books from the library are due.
Haven't read 'em, yet.
One of 'em is Games For Math.
I've finally in the last few days begun to bookmark things that I need to write down to remember... but I'm still not done with the book.
But let's see if Trev likes this game....
And that looked like and tasted like heartache and stomach ache and Yay For You! and sometimes this stuff is painful and For God's sake... if he doesn't understand it now, he'll understand the plain language soon, and it's no big deal.... and "Oof." :/

And our day looked like reading under the sun on the trampoline from Ralph S Mouse and we had to start over and Maddie was bouncing and the shadows were long and so different for it being only two in the afternoon and it was warm and autumn but it felt like evening was coming on and it all seemed strange and new.

"Mom, let's go for a neighborhood walk. And a walk to the neighborhood park. And a walk to the library."
"Wull.... we can't. I mean, we can go for a neighbhorhood walk.... but we have to think about getting dinner ready in an hour or so, and can't go for a walk and a walk to the park and a walk to the library..."
So we went for a neighbhorhood walk... and ran and collected walnuts and kicked walnuts and leaves...
"Guys.... wanna walk to the park?...", then, "Okay, let's go home and get the wagon..."
Leave a note for Daddy, This is where we are, come get us...

And it's warm and sunny and sixty-something degrees (or very close) and we kicked off our shoes and ran ran ran into the disappearing sun - maybe we were trying to catch it- and warmed our toes in the bark and warm grass.

And we sat in the park and read "What To Do About Alice?" and lovedlovedloved it because Alice is just like us and we love Teddy Roosevelt, too, and maybe we love him even more now because maybe Alice was his best girl.
And then we read The Black Book of Colors and considered how one might see colors if one saw colors differently than with one's eyes.
And then Daddy showed up to fetch us (we left him a note) and Mama amazed him with an astounding math game (will tell on that later) and then ran some more -toward the sun, of course- and we thought we'd best get to the library so that we might pick up a few treasures and get home to a warm supper sometime soon.

And we went to the libary and picked up a new stack and I'm not sure how we'll ever keep track of that many and Trevelyn got his Very Own Library Card and isn't that big?
And we talked about fines and how things are Due and how you have to keep eye on your things and not lose covers or dvd's and spending money on that isn't very fun, usually.

And we came home and Daddy started dinner (so nice) and he told fishing stories - that would be Fishing Stories, not be confused with a Fishy Story- and how he needed to have a talk with Maddie because that bead that she gave him the other day actually aided him in catching twenty-five or thirty fish today, and tempted another dozen and a half and how it was amazing and how he brought the fish(es) home whole today (three of them, and not gutted) and the babies wanted to see it and touch and Mama said "well, that's good, I saw something about a fish skeleton today...." and upon opening its stomach there were fish eggs and we've kept them in a bit of water and will be looking at them under the microscope tomorrow so that we can just See.

And dinner is almost done and there are books to be read and videos to be watched and snuggles and kisses to be had and thoughts and wishes to be made and had and shared.

And maybe that's all for today but maybe not.


  1. The boys wanted to read a blog post today. And guess whose they got to hear? Yep!

    Says Boy 2:
    "So that must have been a very long day. Was it fun? Was it tiring?"

  2. I am the Queen of maxing out library renewals here. ;) I keep all my library receipts in one place and check things off as we are done with them.

    It does sound like a long, fun day!

  3. Sounds like a fun, full day. Love the muddy feet, but would not love ungutted fish. I'm so squeamish ;-)

  4. What a wonderfully busy day. :-)

  5. Funny how we always seem to go to the library on the same day. :) We must be on some sort of similar reading schedule...or perhaps it is just that certain days are library sort of days...hmmmm...sounds like some interesting books.

  6. Love the Black Book of Colors!

    We just had a library episode like that last week. Books due, couldn't be renewed (again), and I wasn't done and they still looked so interesting .... Sigh.


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