Saturday, November 21, 2009

november twenty-one

"Mom... what would happen if a guy gave you the wrong directions?" were the first words out of her mouth this morning. Not even "good morning, mommy."
and when I had satisfied that one, there was another inquiry,
"How can people walk without legs?"

Strawberry cupcake. With sprinkles. For breakfast.

But actually she only ate a smidgeon of it and then said she was going to save the rest for her friends for Thanksgiving Day.

I've been looking at our learning cabinet (we have shelves for current Play and Interest in several rooms, these particular ones are in the livingroom) and pondering its emptiness after I cleaned it out the other day, so this morning I scooted downstairs for some juicy materials.

I looked through our spools-n-springs box for some things that might be interesting to investigate with the scale (wooden nickels, jacks, large marble, machine screw, spool, cork), and grabbed the scale. Maddie added dice to the collection and sat to investigate.

measuring with one inch blocks

more balancing weights

mastering Mario

holiday card making

neighborhood walk

jumpin' with Dad

a puzzle
(a hard one!)
and again
and again
and again

looooots of pretend play

and loooooooots of wordpress. :)

we're good.
and happy.
see you tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad to know someone else has 'current interest' shelves in various rooms. There is no way my house would be inhabitable without those shelves.

  2. luv those wooden feet block things. can't remember the proper name just at this moment, but they are very cool. and strawberry cc in the morn for brekkie sounds like a fine way to begin the day. well, perhaps accompanied by a cuppa chai. mmmmm

  3. Well done on the holiday cards :)

    I've been spending part of the day thinking about new things to explore with Owen.... we're ready for an injection of new books and hopefully messy activities.

  4. Oooh I'm loving the look of those cards....and the stilts...!


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