Thursday, November 12, 2009

november twelve

Good grief.
I couldn't hardly keep up this morning.
Needed to run to the craft store. Somehow we lost a piece of felt between there and home yesterday...
Maddie is ready to come with,
asking about Native American Indians
and tracking
and Moccasin boots,
asking why we aren't making boots,
inventing musical instruments,

(her idea, her doing)
talking about all the "experiments" she wants to do today from a library craft book...
and trying to get past me into the bathroom to use all of our toilet paper to maker herself into a mummy
- all before nine: fifteen a.m.
whoof. :)

Eventually (which would be... what? three point two seconds later???) the Mama of the house got showered

-during which time this was going on-

and to the store for that piece of felt.
For Moccasins.

(Love, love, love that project. So sweet.)

There has been jumping

and Names Going Down In History.... Trev got listed on his Star Wars game.... verra proud is he.

I've been scowling at the corn for days, irritated that those kernels aren't promising us any beauty-ousness for our Thanksgiving table,
but what ho?We have a sprout.
An single sprout-
but still, A Sprout.
More on that later.

More livin' and lovin' on the trampoline,

which is also called In Which Mama Gets Side-tracked Yet Again.

Snow is coming, and I handed Eric and the babes a pot and shovel and pointed them in the direction of the rosemary.
Gotta take care of business.

In our new book Great Colonial America Projects, there is a tavern puzzle game made with paper that I've been eyeing for us to make and take to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving,
My brain kicked in gear today, and I had the thought that it would make a great small gift for for our hosts' table for the holiday.
So I checked to see what kid of supplies we had on hand...
and found we did!
So Trev and I made up a few puzzlers.

I am happy to report that I finally managed to solve the puzzle.

With the help of the given solution. But it was still a near thing.

There's been jewelry makingand Star Wars plug-n-play
and pbs
and Ratatouille
and maybe a dozen or a hundred other things...

And now Trev plays Star Wars
Daddy is making dinner
Maddie plays JumpStart
And Mama's telling the day's story.

We're happy
and loved
and all is well.

Prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Amazing what goes into a day! To the outside world, we "just stayed home." To us mamas, a world of beautiful things are happening. Seems like it was a wonderful day for you! :)

  2. The ice archaeology and moccasins are wonderful! And you get a shower while your kids are up! Lucky you.

  3. I also love the ice archaeology and moccasin making. Lots of fun stuff!

  4. The moccasins rock! Many inspiring juicy- projects at your house :)

  5. Very cool puzzles! You so clever!


  6. Those moccassins *are* sweet!

  7. What a great many great things going on in your home. All in one day!

  8. Is this the book and are the moccosins in it?

  9. OK, ignore my question, I saw them in the post below.



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