Friday, November 13, 2009

november thirteenth

Maddie and I started our day by making coffee cake.

Mmmm, goodness-- it has nutmeg and cinnamon in it. There aren't too many things that say Fall like that.

We played downstairs,

and played some more and with Daddy

and Trevy and I made some lovely Chocolate Leaves.

So pretty!

I was told we were going for a Family Walk (bike/scoot/trike/walk).... so we got ourselves -and eachother- ready for that.
A brrrr cold and lovely day for such a thing.

When we got home Daddy went off to work, and the other three of us settled into whatever took our fancy for a bit.

Soon we came together again -

For a reading of a beautiful book called Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration.
Trev and I both say awesome! for that one.

I've had Johnnycakes on my mind lately, and since Nickommoh mentioned those same cakes made from corn....

This one the babes did entirely on their own.

Trev read the recipe, double checked the measuring cups and spoons, read and followed the directions, and they fried them up. (Well, I had to help Maddie with that part.)
They buttered them, plated them, and put pure maple syrup on them.
They were a little hesitant about the corn part (they're made from cornmeal), but they both gave it a fair shot and ate one each, saying something like "not too bad..."

While still in the kitchen (we've had a lot of that this week, haven't we?)...
I made up the clay for our our next Colonial craft-- this time a clay-like stuff for making marbles and seals.
We plan to get our Christmas and Yule cards begun very soon, and since Trevelyn has always been fond of my pretty seals and wax, I thought they might enjoy making their own to seal our holiday cards.

They have to sit until tomorrow, so we'll show you them then.

Our last something-to-accomplish today was for Trev and I to sit down together and play a writing game. He wants to be able to write satisfactorily, so we plan to play games he'll enjoy for practice.

A full, full day.

We're happy
and quieting
and settling in.

Tomorrow, then.


  1. I'd love to hear more of your writing games!


  2. Ah, yes, johnnycakes. We've made them at home and at a farm where the kids grounded up the corn with a rock. Fun to make, only so-so to eat.


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