Wednesday, November 04, 2009

november four: science fair

Well, if yesterday was Art Day, then today was definitely Science day.

Instant Solid Powder

Space Sand
Fish Eggs
and Super Snow under the microscope, too
the last of the raspberries (I suppose)

more play with Space Sand

we checked on our crystals
and played more with the polymers
and a bit of smash-play.
What's next?
Who knows!


  1. Speaking of polymers, homemade Silly Putty is always a good project AND a good way to talk about what polymers are:

    Ours lasted for months with full bounciness!

  2. We made it on accident once, when we were trying to make slime... maybe we'll do it again. :)

  3. Stephanie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned how much you have inspired me on my blog this morning. : )
    Have a nice day,


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