Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16: Business

It seems as though today was mostly just taking care of business.

This morning we played more with balloons.
She's getting ready for her Birthday Party.
And she got out my yoga mat and block.
"Because I have to do exercises to get ready for my Birthday."
Her birthday is in June.

Trev and I started the Dino Diner Menu.
(We just barely started it, because after a couple of minutes, he said that it wasn't a good time for him to be trying to write, so we stopped.)

There was gyroscope fun.
About two hundred times.

And clean, clean, cleaning.
A cleaning Race, actually.
I offer them a race sometimes (if their bedrooms are do-able, and not a nightmare) and a trip to the store for a treat for the winner(s).
(I always make it a fair offer, so as long as they stick to the task, they will win the race. Depending on how big of a job theirs are, I'll clean one, two, or three rooms to one of theirs. I also help them to pick up a couple of things when I go in there to put something away that was in one of my rooms.)
Mama gets a few cleaned rooms and a short walk, and the babies get organized play space, a neighbhorhood walk, and a treat. It works for everyone.

And business with Daddy on the trampoline when he got back from the business of skiing.

And business with World of Goo.

And the business of loading multiple audiobooks into the computer.

And business in the kitchen.

And business with the library.

And business with the grocery store.

And now the business of getting tucked in with Loves and a movie.

Now that that's all out of way....
looking forward to tomorrow.
We'll see you then.


  1. You can never be too ready for your birthday! :D

  2. We have some serious world of goo players here too...

  3. It's business - and personal. :)

  4. You are busy. How do you get all this done all the time?

  5. So funny--her birthday is June!

    I spent my afternoon ordering a birthday cake for my little one's 5th birthday party--it's on Saturday--and the theme is...Bigfoot.

    Yes. The creature. Not the monster truck. :)

  6. Ha! Thing about the clean floor & the popsicle ... sooo true!


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