Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nominated? Of course.

So following yesterday's brilliant [ahem] post and day...
[she grins over that piece of Fate]
I come to find myself (this blog... whatever) on a list...
Or maybe I should say The list.
The Best Unschooling Blog 2009 List.

I know.
Long pause for us both.
Whaaaa? doesn't even begin to describe it.
Neither does holy crap, for that matter.
I'm dumbfounded.
And it's not even a list of ten thousand!! (which maybe I could see. maybe.) It's a list of fourteen!
And it has my bloggy friends Sheri (Living and Learning), Lisa (5 Orange Potatoes), and Theresa (Lapaz Homeschool) on there, too. [waves hi to them... did you know???]

I don't even know what to say.

Oh-- except I don't expect to get any votes. Except one. I told Eric (dh) that since he's our biggest fan but won't comment to save my life that the least he can do is vote for his favorite blog.
Here's the button, Rico. It will take you right to the Unschooling Blog nominees.
I'm telling you, he won't take the hint.

You might wonder if I'm thinking I have a chance of winning.
Let me say first of all that Soule Mama is on this same list.
So that answers your question.
Secondly... if you know me, you'll know that I am not a competition kind of girl. I don't like it. Even a little.
I'm more of a there-is-enough-love-and-goodliness-in-this-world-for-everyone kind of girl. That's the world I like to operate in.

So, no, I don't expect to win.
And I'm not secretly hoping for it, either.

But I am so thrilled to be on this list.
I'll have to tear that one apart later to figure out what that's about.

So there you have it.
The News Of The Day.

Guess I'll see you tonight....
to tell you about our exciting adventures while taking out the recycle and doing the dusting, no doubt.

ps - I don't know who nominated us, but Thank You!. What a happy surprise.


  1. Well of course you were chosen. Your blog is truly inspirational and beautiful. :) I love reading about the day to days that you have with your children. It's all so very lovely. I know you don't like competition, but I couldn't help myself and had to vote. :)

  2. Cool! And to think, THREE of my bloggy friends were nominated.

    I'm so [wiping a tear] proud. :)

    Honestly...Congratulations...I really am quite proud of you all (not just b/c of the honor of being nominated, but 'cause you're such cool mamas & I call you each friend.)

  3. Congrats! I read several of the blogging mamas on there and you are in very good company. :) I understand your feelings about it too, the honor at being chosen, yet there's-enough-love-for-everyone-so-do-we-have-to-pick-winners-and-losers. :) Anyway, congrats on the honor. You have every right to be absolutely thrilled!

  4. Thanks, Sheri!
    While I was being truthful about not hoping to win, I will admit that I'd rather not be embarrassed (that I didn't get any), either! :?

  5. Congratulations! And I voted for you. At the time, you had 21% of the votes (4 votes).. Soule Mama had none.

    I really like Soule Mama too, but I like your blog best for unschooling "stuff". :-)

  6. (psst you're in the lead....)

    Had to vote because I find your blog very inspirational :-) I love Soule Mama too but I find that more of a crafty blog rather than unschooling.


  7. Stephanie, your blog is so inspiring, lovely and honest. You share your life so openly with your thoughts on parenting and schooling and ...well...life. (if i am whispering here...actually so different than soulemama...which is a beautifulbeautiful blog but just really different.) It's so good to see what a frustrating day looks like...what a successful one looks like and all the wonderful ideas that you share are so valuable! (i still do not know how soule mama..cooks, crafts, writes books and takes care of 3 little ones as wonderfully as she does...superwoman she is!)
    so as i fill you with complements... I voted too! for you! :) Thank you for a great great blog!

  8. You think you were surprised?! hehe
    Congratulations (I was one who nominated you!)!!!!

  9. HA! I had no idea I had been nominated. You are soooooo deserving of this. I don't like being against you and Sherry! Congrats!


  10. We can take a hint!!! And you got our vote. This is lovely, I am so exited for you!!!

  11. Congrats! You definitely deserve this. I'm always amazed by your ideas and your poetic writing.

  12. Woohoo, just voted for you and it showed me that you are way in the lead. I love soulemama heaps but when it comes to homeschooling hands on and experiments, you are the queen!

  13. You deserve to be nominated - with all your love and energy and inspiration and 'realness'. You guys certainly live your days fully. Certainly get my vote.

  14. Ha! Well, this is the first I heard of it!LOL!
    And I am totally voting for you. You deserve it.

  15. Just went and voted and hey you're in second, not that you're counting.

  16. Thanks so much for the support, everyone.
    Kind of a weird spot to be in. :)

    Regarding the Soule Mama thing-- it wasn't that I feel that Amanda is blocking my way - lol - it's just that she's only ONE of them on the list! :)
    I thank you so sincerely for your votes and show of appreciation... it is such a compliment to hear that we inspire you.

    Love to all of you!

  17. Congratulations! I'm going to vote right now:)

  18. Look at you up there in #2!! And I helped put you there. :) I adore 5 Orange Potatoes and SouleMama, too, but when I'm thinking unschooling, it's all about you, babe. ;)

  19. You are MY inspiration! And that is all that truly matters, did you not know?


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