Saturday, October 03, 2009

october two: Out

The night before we were invited to the Dinosaur Park... one of our favorite places.

When the time arrived, however, plans had been changed, and the Airforce Museum was decided upon instead. Uh.....

"No way," my babes said at first, and then again and again -I thought they might have fun with cousins and asked a few times to make sure- and then finally they said "alright," in a relenting sort of way.

They were very excited to look at the big planes!
I liked this one.
And then we started looking around for the ones we could look inside of... we were told they had some for climbing in and on and under, and general investigation (which is pretty much why we went).
Of course not.

Pretty soon I started getting wiggy about all those destruction trophies and needed an untainted -my opinion- place to breathe.
About this time, actually.
You don't want to hear about my politics [you can take that as a warning and skip this part], but let me just say that I tried... I really did. I did my best to hold it together. I did my best to not be resentful. I did my best to not resent being resentful. I did my best to not have war-ial (Trev's word) feelings about all the people in the world who still believe that true Peace (an evolved society who actually communicates instead of bullies the world, believeing Might makes Right) is an impossibility -and even worse, always will be- and that there are such things as "good guys (Us, of course -???)", and "bad guys (Them)". (The words "good guys" and "bad guys" I heard while there from a babe, and I pretty much felt sick.)

I was madly analyzing my feelings even as I was walking around and feeling them, trying to talk myself out of them, and to be as objectional as I could.
I told my children I needed to be back outside, so out we went.
When we got out there, I asked if they were almost done, and if they'd like to go to the dinosaur park (Eccles Dinosaur Park and Museum), it's only a few miles from where we were.
I got a resounding Yeah! from that of course, so we went back in to tell the family we were leaving.
Trev tossed out at the information desk something like "My mom is feeling sick about all these war machines and we gotta get out of here" and I shushed him and told him that I had said that my feelings about the whole thing were private .

We were away from there. Phew.

At the park we got a bit of a surprise... they had decorated for Halloween.
Now my children love Halloween.
But as far as Trev goes.... You don't mess with Prehistory.
You don't hang miniature skeletons off the ribcage of a tyrannosaurus rex.
Most disturbed, he was.
(Not in the same sense that I was a while before, but in an irritated sort of way.)
But we still mainly enjoyed ourselves... after we forgave them. ;)

Trev was totally captivated by these paintings -you know the kind; like the story books, with that lined film over them to make them change.

Out is a good way to describe our day.
Out of our comfort zones. Out of sorts. Out of the ordinary.
We're a little disconcerted by things being so different -big home projects and noise, drastic change in the weather, loads of cousins to play/connect/argue/interract with, lots of visits by Grammy, Papa being here, long hours of the babes seeing to themselves - and we're also a bit disconnected from eachother.

It isn't and hasn't been bad, mind you... it's just that we've been shook up a bit bit by outside forces, and we're -or maybe it's just me- a bit off.

But it's nothing that a few stories on the couch and some warm, fresh cookies won't fix...


  1. What an amazing dinosaur museum! Sounds like you and your family have been going on some fun, educational trips lately. Wonderful!

  2. I can't get you the warm cookies, but I did leave you a story on my blog. :)

  3. I know what you mean about trying to be positive about the negative in that way. We live right near a military shooting range and the noise that comes from it can be horrific if i am not in the right frame of mind. Then trying to not let it scare my kids, explain who these people are and what they are training for in the most positive way. I have my strong beliefs but i don't want to let it bring such negative thought towards my children. I love the Dinosaur park. What a great place to be

  4. I think that kind of day would have shook us up a bit, too. I am still jealous of your dinosaur park, though.

  5. I'm with you on the military stuff, Stephanie, and I'm an Air Force spouse! (I'm incredibly UNpopular here on base because of my opinions.)

    When it comes to the military, I prefer to study it in the context of history and explain to my son that war is not a game (as the boys here on the playground play it), or will it solve all the world's problems.

    The dinosaur park would be more our speed too!

    Human skeletons hanging from a T-Rex? Maybe they're going "Flintstones"? LOL

    What cool pictures! Those would rock as Halloween decorations.

    And so, now, back to the ordinary. :)


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