Tuesday, October 20, 2009

october twenty

"Wow! Now this is what I call an Experiment!" said Madeleine over her breakfast.Which is something that a Mama always likes to hear...
She then preceded to experiment in truly scientific style as she laid her eyeballs against the bottles (so's she wouldna miss anything) and then her ears....

We had a (very brief) visit from one of our Favorite People. ; )
Wish he came more often!
(Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself and Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build Yourself. Trev has had this Prehistoric Creatures book - which we love- for a year or so, but he took it to the Dinosaur Park when we went a couple of weeks ago, and it got washed in his pocket! Can't have that, so....)

We read When Dinosaurs Came With Everything. It turned out that this book has been nominated for The 2010 Beehive Award (Children's Literature Association of Utah) and inside we found a little slip of paper asking what we thought about the book. We've voted, and we'll return it on our next library visit.
And let me just say here that we'll be watching these shelves more often and checking out the nominees....

Trev and I checked out Great Ancient Egypt Projects, and read the first chapter.

Before we got any more behind on our timeline, I suggested we head downstairs and add Ancient Egypt and the Early America stuff we've read about. So we did, adding Jamestown, Ponce de Leon, Captain John Smith, and few other bits.
While Mama was doing that.......
A bit of the same as yesterday, with Trev taking the yardstick and demonstrating this time. "Maddie! You are not a good Mrs. Science Teacher!" He looked at me in angry exasperation, "She things dinosaurs ate cavemen!!" I laughed.
Soon they moved on.: ) Gettin' to be that time of year, I guess. Don't know that I'm ready for all the outdoor wildness to be bound within these walls... [sigh]...
Maddie started arranging the cushions, and said, "There! A woman's touch," and then, "I love it when Daphne says that!"she finished. lol.

Tag. With Annabelle, Maddie, Trev, and Scrat (Scrat is a friend from the Ice Age movies).

Play - computer, barbies, imaginative play, more outside rumpus.

Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin was up next. A great introduction to instrumental assemblage and a few instruments.

A hundred or so more slides down the stairs.

Outside they go! for tag.

We read the last two chapters of Runaway Ralph. Trev grabbed the book, saying "Wait a minute!..." and sure enough, he found past the author's page the first chapter of Ralph S. Mouse... and so we've begun our next book. Our neighborhood library says it has a copy, so....
Maddie then brought in Cinderella,
which reminded me of one of my very favorite books (such an incredibly beautiful book), so I went to fetch it. We read Cinderella, and then Johnny Appleseed, and then Rumplestiltskin. All three were hits with Trevy.

Madd fell asleep while we were reading...
So Trevelyn and I headed off to Math 1-2.
"Qwirkle?" asks Mama.
"No... Checkers?"

Math bingo?"
"No... Boggle?"
"Yeah, you go get it while I clean the table..."

"I don't wanna go get it..."

"How 'bout Math 1-2?"
Plug here: Love this game. I've said it a thousand times, I know, but... :) Love this game. Today we tackled addition of three digit numbers. That would be 569 + 99. This game shows how to regroup into the next columns, ie how to carry over. First in adding the beans, then with doing it on paper.
"Trevelyn... you just figured out that 569 + 99 is 668 . Dude! That. Is. Awesome." Big grins and high fives. He feels empowered, and not quite as flumoxed. And so does his Mama, for that matter.

Yet more slides down the stars.

And yet more tipping and turning of the pressure fountain.Like - every time they pass through the kitchen.

And yet more Chase and Running. lol.

And Mama sits at her computer and catches up on The Telling, and sighs, and thinks Life is so, so good...

And Daddy will be home soon (er... with dinner - :/ - Chef, remember -she admits with a substantial amount of guilt)
and it's too cold and rainy to sit on the porch digging out Jacks tonight
but we'll go to the library to pick up our Waitings and to get Ralph S. Mouse
and the babes are playing peacefully and happily

Life is so

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like one of those beautifully-flowing days where everyone is happy and content.

  2. You must just flop into bed at night exhausted! Whew.... you all are so busy learning and investigating :)

    Love the new books you're reading!


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