Thursday, October 22, 2009

october twenty-one: snippets

"I made this bridge, see?" shows Madd."Aaah... a bridge between two lands?"
"And it's stabled. See? I put this right here in the middle so it's stable."

Reading to herself.Reading to her animals.
Reading to Annabelle.
Trev and I used to play this reading game when he was her age (in the car, in the grocery store, wherever)... I'd say something like "I'm thinking of an animal that starts with the 'p' sound. (the sound, but not "puh", just a quick "p".) "Pig!" He'd say. "Right!"
Maddie hasn't been able to separate the sounds, yet, she's never understood it. "Mmmm is for lights!" she'd say. :)
Until last night.
Last night when we were lying on the couch, she went for an hour. "'ck' is for 'cup'. 'd' is for door. 'ff' is for 'fish'."
On and on. She has gotten it. She is on her way.


That'll do.


  1. We haven't made a fort in a while... Maybe we should!

  2. Well done Maddie!
    Is that peanut butter on bread?
    Ellie can almost get a jar on one slice.

  3. That tea party pic of Maddie is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

  4. Totally love Maddies tea party, that girl has style!!!

  5. Very elegant tea party. Love the stabled bridge :-)

  6. LOL @ the 'stabled' comment. Clever girl. We have some of those birds (90% off at a store that was closing). Love them.

    That reading journey is amazing. It's like birth stories for me. I'm always happy to listen to 'my child learned to read' process stories.


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