Thursday, October 29, 2009

october twenty-ninth

the first thing we did this morning was make biscuits for our breakfast.
Maddie received a fine baking set for her birthday from Grandma, and this morning she put it to use.
we watched Johnny Appleseed... and actually learned a few new things.

it was decided yesterday that when we went to the movie (we've been trying for days), that we would also go to toys-r-us for a little window shopping.
Trev thought he'd count out some money take with him... there was a lego star wars set he had his eye on...
we popped Multiplication Vacation into the cdplayer.... and we were off!

today Ponyo was on our list of Must Do's.

what a film!! we all adored it.

We didn't see too many windows, but we did get a few things at the toystore.
I can't feel too bad about it... I've been wanting Blokus forever, and couldn't bring myself to pay $35 or so for it. Finally, today, on sale for $19 something. We also picked up Earthopoly, and some play dough with numbers and alphabet letters. For Maddie, of course. Right up her alley. If I can hold out I'll keep them away until the holidays. We'll see. I don't have much hope of that, though.

since we were in the area, and weren't pressed for time today, I asked the babes if they'd like to go over to the pet store and meet some little friends. of course they wanted to.
we admired turtles and a chameleon and lizards and parakeets and sleeping ferrets (that's the only way I'd be admiring them) and peeked at chinchillas and saw lots of rats and guinea pigs and hamsters and a mouse running on a wheel that we called Ralph and these fish that we were amazed by because we could see their skeletons!
we grabbed some dinner on the way home from our favorite lunch place, and we're getting tucked in with a new movie and legos and blokus and I don't know what else.

we're cheerful
and content,
and we'll see you tomorow.


  1. Well, now that I know it's worth watching, I had to go update the post I just made tonight--hehe. :)

  2. Legos are big in our house. We have spacemen and space-gliders, pirates and islands and boats, SpongeBob and the Krusty Krab, and one of the Lego castles.

    Gavin is learning to take better care of his Legos - he wants me to reassemble his castle, and I can't. He has taken it apart beyond recognition.

    Now he wants the $99.95 pirate ship. HA! We told hiim there was no way we wanted to spend that kind of money on Legos for him. He has resolved to save his allowance for it.

    Meanwhile, he has his eye on Lego Indiana Jones kits... Heh.

  3. I'm thinking your biscuits aren't what we call biscuits lol...Biscuits here are what you call cookies. Are your biscuits like a bread dough kind of thing but without yeast? We call them scones and serve them hot with butter or cream and jam?

  4. Yup, they're like your scones. :)

  5. Hey we had biscuits yesterday as well, A was pretty disappointed when he found out there were no eggs to crack.


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