Monday, October 12, 2009

october twelve

We checked out this book at the library the other day, called Great Colonial America Projects You can Build Yourself.
Let me just say that I didn't know it at the time, but upon getting a link for the book I found that this book gets great reviews. The ratings for this book - from homeschoolers and teachers- are five stars. I am seriously considering purchasing this book to have on hand for the next several years.
I actually picked it up as a craft book, as I thought it might have some nice autumn activities, but it turns out that we're using it for an early American history book, as it's filled with lots of interesting information.
This morning we learned some about The Mayflower, about the Roanoke colonists and their disappearance (and of course speculated on what might have happened to them), The Church of England (which is sometimes called the Anglican church - which I've always wondered about), more about John Smith, and about the pilgrims being Separatists partly because they were tired of the inconsistencies of religious beliefs of kings and queens-- such as being beheaded for owning an English translated bible while living under a Ruler who preferred the Latin translation.)

Paper jacks.
Mama's two, Maddie's two, and Trev's two

We do this every year. We line six jack o'lanterns across our livingroom's picture window-- to haunt, dance, and howl as they will.

And ollyin'.And lessons.

Mischief making
home making
We finally got our Halloween and autumn stuff out! (Well, the stuff we could find.)

and battle-scar making.
We made our way to another library for a Physics class-- we got to see lots of fun with liquid nitrogen. Heh.Many mucho cool experiments.

Dinner and home, then.

It's barely eight o'clock and it feels like ten. It's dark and cold and we're ready for slippers and a snuggle.
Well... why not?
Guess that's that, then.


  1. Now I've added that great-sounding book to our ever-growing list.

    The paper jacks look great--wonder if I could persuade G to make some paper decor. Hmmm...we'll see tomorrow I suppose. :)

  2. The liquid nitrogen looks rather daunting, but fun! Hm, we may have to do paperjacks here...

  3. I love the library science project! My boys would love it!

  4. wikked! is that a skunk costume? love it.
    and OMG! it's almost halloween! i've gotta git crackin'.

  5. Liquid nitrogen! Too cool.

    I like the costume and the paper jacks.

  6. We have that book! Its a good one!

  7. A couple years ago I found a site where you could download e-book versions of certain books. I got the Colonial America Projects, Egypt Projects and Pioneer Projects. I love them!

  8. Sadie - Nice!! I ordered Ancient Egypt, too. :)

  9. We live a couple of hours from the Roanoke Colony area. I have always been fascinated by the story of their disappearance. They put on a play every year about it on Roanoke Island called "The Lost Colony." :)


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