Sunday, October 04, 2009

october three

Papa leaves.

Taking the oldest part of his daughter's heart with him.

And Autumn moves in...

with every intention of settling for a while.
She swooshes out the scent of roses and light and airiness from our home,
and brings with her a firing furnace, pumpkin candles and spiced apple cider.
[snap!] Just like that.


The babies came to visit.
Four of them-- to spend the afternoon.

Mostly it was just a quiet
and wandering
and reading
sort of day.

We're rested up and are feeling quite ourselves, again.

What's next?


  1. Great post... Just a bit of lovely everything!!!

  2. I like those "in between" days where things get a chance to equalise.

  3. Summer is definitely gone, leaving only promises of its return. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  4. This time of year just seems to inspire me ~ I find myself in a more creative mood, enjoying the new sounds and smells of the season.

    Your autumn looks grand :)

  5. I'm glad that reconnection is happening for you...with the moving in of autumn...perfect times to warm and centre the self.
    It's so touching a piece of your heart went with your touching.

  6. Sweetness. I'm glad you guys had a lovely visit.

  7. Good to hear you had a nice visit from your dad, and it looks like you cherished it.

    Wow! Those pumpkins are huge!

  8. How it breaks my heart to see family leave or to leave family when they live miles and miles away! I'm so glad it was a happy visit.

    Peaceful and restful days of quiet can be so wonderful especially as we go inward to the warm and cozy of this time of year.


  9. Great pumpkins! Looks like you guys have been so busy visiting, exploring being. Good stuff!


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