Friday, October 30, 2009

october thirty:

So much for saving yesterday's treasures for Christmas.
:) But we saw that coming, didn't we?

Maddie got out the dough and letters while she waited for her crepes this morning.
mmmm, crepes with cream cheese and homemade jam...

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. (movie)

Star Wars legos
again and again

Blokus.Mama won.

JumpStart Preschool World

life lessons
(in the form of cinnamon toast)Remove Formatting from selection
Jumping play with Daddy for two of us
-while another sat with her notebook for a couple of hours ordering supplies and holiday goodies for the babes-
...first time order from Steve Spangler Science... seems to have reasonable prices,
big order from Discount School Supply... have you tried them? One of my two favorites-- particularly for art and craft supplies
and one thing from Home Science Tools (my other favorite place)
soooo excited.
Thank goodness they aren't all Christmas or Solstice presents... I'd never make it.

We've had empty (but treated and ready) petrie dishes in the fridge waiting for about two months, now.
One of them finally grew something. :)
Maddie and I checked that out.
It was actually really pretty and lacy.
When I went downstairs to get some dishes for growing crystals out of a crystal growing set of ours, I found a glass of tea that had molded.
So of course we -with Trev this time- checked that out. It had things moving around.
And then when I opened the fridge, there was a molding cheese.
Had to check out that, too.
Three very distinctly different molds! Cool.
When I got the slides from the bookcase off the kitchen, one of them that had been exposed was verra dusty. So....

We started our Rainbow Crystals.
Trevelyn chose Large crystals,
and Maddie chose to grow Super Crystals.After she was finished with hers, she asked if her Super Crystals would save the day. lol.
We'll let you know.

. . . . .

Our cauldrons are bubbling
and our jacks are grinning...

A Happy Samhain
a Merry Halloween
and a goodly New Year to you
G'night ghouls.


  1. Before I had G I was the program director at one of the big hoity toity preschools in Nashville. I placed monthly orders with Discount School Supply. I literally was never told I had a budget. The annual party fundraiser raised over $25,000 which I believe was all earmarked for supplies. I bought every single thing I wanted for 14 classrooms--can you imagine? It was so surreal.

  2. Sherry -
    Well, my order wasn't that big. :)

  3. LOL, I love that you couldn't save the goodies until Christmas. I bought a fairy bower for my dd's birthday--which is still two weeks away. Where is it now? Hanging in our basement playroom. I couldn't wait!

  4. Stephanie,
    I checked out the w-sites you suggested...and became overwhelmed with the choices! I would love to hear some of your suggestions for Christmas presents...

  5. Phyllis - sure! I'll show you what I got for Maddie when the box comes on Tuesday. :)

  6. I am looking forward to it! Thanks!

  7. Ahh, blokus, I love you. :D Of course we have trigon here, but have played the original at my folks' house. It is such a fun game. :D Make sure to just make pictures with it and such often enough! And before you know it your 4 year old will be beating you at it. Anyway, had to wax poetic there. Love that game. :)

  8. I win a lot of Blokus games, too. No mercy, hahahahaha!


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