Tuesday, October 13, 2009

october thirteenth:

We began our day with a trip downstairs to see if anything struck our fancy.
We found a few things.

While some of that Goodliness was going on, Mama began Round Two of the ear medicine.

We played with the BaffleBlox off and on quite a bit today.

We read nearly a hundred pages of Ralph (Runaway Ralph).

Trev has happily inherited his dad's skate. :) Looks like that boy rides Goofy (a skate-term for the way he prefers to stand and push the board).

Trevelyn and I played The Allowance Game.

And there was more of this

some of that

and a bit of the other, too.
There's been window shopping on Amazon (Trev, not me, though yesterday I did order that book I mentioned, and another like it called Great Ancient Egypt Projects You Can Build Yourself)

dirt digging

anda bit of creating.Love these! I was reminded of tissued glass the other day at my friend Julie's house (she had some pretties sitting out), and today I thought Jack-o'-lanterns!, and I really like them. :) Thanks Julie!!


and more skating

and now waiting for Daddy. :)

All is well here.
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Love the lanterns!
    Check out your second link (Julie)~ it seems to send us to the book instead.

  2. Those are great lanterns! :)

  3. Thanks for the heads-up JHRM!

  4. Oh, I do love those lanterns--so pretty!


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