Saturday, October 10, 2009

october ten: element-ary

In honor of National Chemistry Week our library had the Festival of Science and Art: Chemistry--It's Elemental! today.
Of course we had to go.Funny how I used to resent our New Library, as it was so metro, and not like a library at all... but now I'm rather fond of the giant steel and glass conglomeration. I suppose not all libraries need to be musty and aged and silent. :)

Trevelyn was slow to get into the thing at first, but we had a fine time!

There were lots of tables that featured particular elements, and information on them.

We got to experiment



and explore.
Like up to the roof. Where we can see lots of the city.

We also got to play with sound....
we love speaking into the discs, and have them carry perfectly clearly over to the other side of the square! Sound has many fine tricks. :)

And we checked out a very large pile of library books.
Many filled with experiments.
And many more filled with dinosaurs.

We came home to more investigationsand cleaning

and computer play

and reading.

Good enough for us.
We'll prob'ly see you tomorrow.


  1. Oh, HOW FUN!! We would so love that kind of thing.

    And on the last few days... I am always so amazed at how many delightful activities you all manage to squeeze out of each day. :)

  2. What a wonderful library to have as a resource.

  3. THAT'S your LIBRARY!!!???!!! How unfair! Our library could probably fit into the drop-off box at your library!LOL!
    Jealous, jealous, jealous...

  4. Theresa - this isn't our neighborhood library mind you (the one we often walk to) but the downtown library-- which is about twelve minutes or so from our house.
    We're lucky enough to have several to choose from within five or six miles of us.

  5. Cool library ~ and it looks huge!

    I love it when our local library puts on great children's programs like this :)

  6. What an AMAZINGLY HUGE library!!!! I'm so envious! Our little local library is only about 25'x50'. Very teeny tiny!

    Great program too!



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