Tuesday, October 06, 2009

october six: tripping in the fields

Aaand weeee're off!

To the aviary. To meet cousins.

And to the zoo.
To meet cousins.

I love this picture. I can't explain why, other than I love his smiling face... maybe because it reminds me of the story I, Crocodile, that we've been listening to....

And to Farnsworth Farms (a pick-your-own local farm) for a EarthScouts fieldtrip and a tour to learn about how cider is made. (And farms and bees and a bit about Utah history.)

1000 pounds of apples per box.

Thanks again so much, Julie! I'm so glad we went!! (And look forward to buying their cider at our neighborhood store!)

And we came home with about 25 pounds of organic apples (a gift from dearest Julie) and a sack full of thyme for Honey Cough Medicine (also from friend Julie), several pounds of organic peaches, a small (precious) bag full of chocolate covered pistachios, a gallon of local, organic, unpasturized apple juice (fresh fresh fresh), and happy hearts, full minds, and hungry tummies....

But we found Daddy at home waiting for us
and he fixed us up (with dinner) right quickly.

A wonderful day.
Life is good.
So good!


  1. Your animal pictures are delightful!
    That second bird picture... those elephants.... and the giraffe!
    I had a dream last night i was being eaten by a crocodile.
    What wonderful treasures to bring home too.
    I am totally green!!!

  2. Oh Gawd, that baby elephant ... To die for. And then you had to follow it up with the baby giraffe. My girls are going to squeal tomorrow when I show them.

  3. I'm always so jealous when you talk about your hubbie making dinner! What a life! ;-)

    Those pics are awesome! I love the croc pic too. Fun stuff!

  4. Your days sound like lovely WEEKS...they are so full. I don't think I could fit in so much in one day! It is so lovely to see them.

  5. Oh good times...busy times...wow! Love the croc pic too.
    We have a song for the little ones here called *Never smile at a Crocodile*...I wonder if you know it...it came to mind as soon as I saw that pic!


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