Friday, October 09, 2009

october ninth: ciao and ciao

We've had quite a day.
Maddie and Harrison were playing Market in the livingroom

and Maddie headed outside dressed in her drawers, Daddy's bike helmet, and his bike gloves before the Mama was even out of bed this morning. Not sure where she was going.

There were computer games

and more concerts (the organ and the guitar)

and tangrams

and jumping

and more pretend play

and too-rushed goodbye's to cousins and sisters

and eventually we were ready for A Very Important Date.

Recognize these sweetlings??

We got to play with Ainsley, Hannah, Grayson, and Sarah!

How wonderful to get to smile at and touch friends that we have only ever visited with on the computer!

How grand that Sarah wrote and said, "Hey, we're going to be in town...."

And how lovely that we got a warm and sunny day to play

and romp

and swing
and climb
and investigate
and share.

The afternoon was comfortable and easy and sweet.

And now JumpStart is on for one
and the smaller one naps at the other end of my couch.

Trevelyn is coming down with a cold (wish that honey medicine was done brewing),
the cousins are heading back to Maine
our house is thoroughly and completely messy
we haven't read a book (well, the babes haven't) in what seems like days

... and I think we're ready to Fall Into.

So we'll work on that over the next few days.

Life is so, so good.
'Specially when we get to share it with others.

Loves to all of you who share this life with us.
No matter how far away you are.


  1. My son is a fan of the JumpStart games. :)

    There is nothing like a "comfortable and easy and sweet" afternoon. Bon voyage to the cousins, and hope Trevelyn feels better!

  2. i'm tearing up. there is such a wonderful freedom in being unschoolers, isn't there? sharing life with my children day and night is such a blessing.

  3. You don't have to post this in your comments, I know it isn't polite to just pop on a link - I just couldn't find your contact page in my wild dash through the internet before the babes wake:

    Do you want to join us for a postcard swap, we would love to send you a card...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Gosh I wish we could just beam each other across the states like they do in Star Trek ~ what wonderful homeschool gatherings there would be!

  5. I love meeting people through our blogs and our life choices. Friends before we even meet in real life!

  6. What fantastic pictures you took!

    We had a lovely time with you. I'm so glad you could meet with us.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. What a wonderful day and beatiful post! I was a bit teary eyed myself.

  8. I so wish I knew people like you in my real life. Everyone we know is so busybusybusy and they live in their minivans and they are addicted to video games and DVDs and all the mommies want to get away for Mom's Night Out and no one seems to just. enjoy. life.

    Oh least we're online friends. :)


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