Monday, October 19, 2009

october 19

Last night while I was watching the children build their halloween house:"Why dontcha put the jack-o-lanterns on so you can see their faces?"
"Well... they're inverted."
Cracked me up.

Maddie and I made autumn banners today with pretty leaves.

And Madeleine sewed her first stitches.

The children were talking about having races. I offered to make an obstacle course for them.
Trevelyn wanted to work on the timeline. The Jurassic period.
While working on it, Maddie picked up the meter stick, and started pointing and lecturing at will - which meant making it up as she went along. :) Was pretty funny. (Though... certainly not to Trevelyn, who of course takes prehistory Very Seriously.)Don't know where she has seen that. Not from her Mama, certainly.

While it was in her hand, she proved the theory of "meeting in the middle" with a yardstick again. And again and again. Cool how that works. Cool that she remembered.

While still down there (working on the timeline), Trev was reading a few of the names on our wall, and read my beloved Albert's name. I told him that we was one of my all-time favorite people, and showed him a book that we have.
And then read it to him.
He loved it. Said it was awesome. :) I learned some new things.

There's been lots of ScoobyDoo today.

And imaginary play.

Grammy came by for a visit and fell in love with the paper jack-o-lanterns. Wants some for her window, so....

Checked on our bones. Evidently the bones are soaking up the vinegar through the two ends, as the middle is still more white (not a brownish gray) and still firm. I suppose it has to do with marrow and the way cells move through the bones? Interesting.

Speaking of vinegar....A favorite.

Daddy's home!

Looks like dinner,

and to the library for us.

A lovely day full of flow and ease. Good enough.
We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh, a Halloween gingerbread and candy house - why didn't I think of that? It is a perfect project for this time of year!

    I think we mostly associate gingerbread houses with Christmas... That's why. But Halloween seems a MUCH more fun holiday for them!

    I love Trevelyn's timeline AND little Maddie's lecture pose.

  2. I have been wanting to make a timeline on my walls but we are in a rental. Maybe i can fabric up something. I love the gingerbread house.

  3. love that timeline! did you prep the wall with a special paint? how exactly are you doing it?

  4. lbz - Nope.
    I had to paint the first wall, as Maddie took the Sharpie to our first timeline... but no. It's just paint with a loooooong line around our basement with a thick permanent marker, then dates (eons, eras, and periods) marked with a finer Sharpie. It begins with The Big Bang, and there's room through the 21st century.
    I love it!!

  5. I love your banners. Very sweet.

  6. Thanks for reminding me about the halloween houses! I love those, and they were all out last year when we went to get one. I'm going today:)

    I think Damek might be ready to start a timeline, he's been very interested in evolution as of late, and I think seeing it in print and helping to chart it would appeal greatly to him. Now where to put it?

  7. Very cool Halloween houses! The whole candy thing really lends itself to a house at Halloween.

  8. Wow; what great projects. I love the timeline! The Halloween house is awesome too. I'll have to check out your blog for some project ideas for sure.

  9. we were doing bakingsoda & vinegar volcanoes again last week. hours of fun there.

    halloween gingerbread house looks like a lot of fun. :)

    what a lovely day.


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