Friday, October 16, 2009

october 15

Well let's see.
Maddie made her first recognizable drawing last night.
There has been a brief discussion (between friend Damek and Trevelyn) about fractions.
There have been Arthur videos.
And Lego Star Wars.
And JumpStart.

There was a short (friendly) pillow fight
imaginary play
more draw-rings

...and we were off.
On Trevelyn's road.
There is a story to this: the short version is that I've been wondering if our days would look greatly different if the children were given absolute liberty in how we spend our days. ie: "Here's our day. How do You choose we spend it?" I'm calling it an Experiment, and I'll give more at a later date on my Mama blog.

Still early in the day (before noon, still, but after choosing breakfast), Trev said something like "I'm done with my day, Mom. You think of stuff to do." At first I smiled, and considered it, but then I realized that wouldn't do me/us any good, so I gently persisted that he come up with stuff. Also, I wanted to encourage him to stretch his imagination a bit.
He came up with things like "three different parks, a nature walk, and........"
Clearly he was stumped. I offered suggestions, and looked into things that I thought may be a fun possibility.
Eventually he thought Evergreen Park would be great fun (after I reminded him about that favorite park). Maybe a library for more SkippyJon Jones books. Maybe the neighborhood park.
I mentioned the planetarium films. "Yeah!!"

So after Damek scooted off with his Mama, we got ready for the planetarium. Since we missed the first show (we chose to skip it instead of being stressed and racing downtown) we headed to Evergreen to play for an hour or so

before going to see Under the Sea 3D.

Which was good fun, of course.
And bonus... Mama got to pick a few new toys at the planetarium to play with.

"What's next, Trev?"
"A park we've never been to."
"No... home."
"I wanna go to the park still!" says Madd.
"Are you sure you don't wanna go to a new park, still, Bud?" (he had mentioned this on the way to the Planetarium, also, along with the possibility of The Big City Library.)
"What about dinner?"
"How about that fried chicken?"
"At the park? Wanna have a picnic at the park?"
"Okay... let's swing by home and get some jackets, it will be dark and cold soon (it was almost 5pm)... want anything else? Baseball? Frisbee?"
"Yeah! I wanna play baseball."

So we made it to a new park.
With wagon, toys, blanket, dinner, baseball gloves, bats, softball, and my new favorite possession.

Eric and I find it significant and fitting that I am sporting my new Mood Ring (purchased at the planetarium) on my wedding ring finger. Heh heh. Sort of like a flashing Warning! light, don't you think???

And the babies ran.
And climbed.
and rolled
and raced
and explored
and we picnicked
and wrestled.
And we played baseball.

Lots of baseball.
Soon enough it was getting dark and cold

and 'twas time to come home and get settled in.

So we are.
With warm baths and Arthur videos from the library and No More Plans for today.

The very end of the day was spent with Maddie sleeping, Mama reading, and Trev reading SkippyJon Jones (to and by himself), and then a prehistory documentary.

Hmmmm... it doesn't look like I'm that far off the mark, here.
More on all this later. : )
But not tonight!


  1. Of all the fun stuff, I noticed "Lego Star Wars" above all else. LOL Why? Because I love playing it myself!

  2. :) Aww looks like a lot of fun was had.

    BTW I've popped a link on my blog to your Jack O Lantern project - I could have sworn I'd linked to it last night - but clearly not - very sorry about that.


  3. I'm rolling on the floor laughing about the mood ring! :D
    Great panning photo of Trev too.

  4. I love "the Experiment" and want to hear more. I love your flexibility. I love the interesting things you are all excited about. I love the pictures and I love the mood ring.

    Evie bought a mood ring awhile back and commented that "it is always blue" (meaning happy and content). She commented that maybe it didn't really work. So, I put it on, it immediately went red (passionate and forceful)--we had a good chuckle!

  5. You are a mama in tune with your children. :-)

  6. i am very interested to hear how your experiment evolves. i've tried this with my boys and it is definitely a no go. they become really overwhelmed and shut down, meltdown... it's messy. so at our place it's a delicate dance of "hey! whadda ya wanna do? you choose!" and "we're going to!"

    i've found our days need to be lightly peppered with choice here and there, but not too much. otherwise they inhale it all, sneeze violently and watery eyes ensue (SP?).

  7. What a great day!

    SkippyJon Jones is a FAVORITE around here too. My husband is great at reading those books with a spanish accent and it just cracks me up (and the girls). The girls have made paper dolls of the whole SJJ family......very popular around here.

    Love the mood ring on the "taken" finger!

  8. Ooh what a great experiment...I know it can be a fine line.
    Love the mood ring too...hmm thinking about adding one to my ring finger. ;)


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